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A software launch is critical to any developer. To a lot of these teams and companies, the first launch locks the company into the first few impressions of the market. It takes an average of five minutes before consumers or users decide whether or not they like an application. A lot of this interest or disinterest has to do with how functional particular software is.

The minute that users experience bugs, glitches, the freezing of the application, slow loading time, and any dysfunctionality in the software, they’re likely to switch out. That is also due to the growth and heightened interest of individuals towards the tech industry.

Competition is Present around the Globe

The United States alone houses about 3.4 million software developers in 2017, whereas the world has about 23 million developers. That is a number that’s only likely to increase as technological knowledge continues to advance, and as a consequence, tech projects are just expected to become more sophisticated.

Consumers are Becoming Pickier and Tech-Savvy

An increasingly tech-savvy consumer base further tightens this competition all around the world. As of December 2018, there are 4.1 billion internet users in the world, which comprises more than half of the world’s population. That only means that it’s critical for your software to be palatable and easy to use for a large portion of this consumer base

Deciding on what software you’re going to develop and how competitive the idea is, is only one portion of your competitive advantage in the field. There are still other elements like market research, and, most notably, software testing to consider.

Don’t Forget That Execution is Key

Developers get stuck cherishing their unique idea for software, and sometimes overlook the execution aspect of the product. That makes the product prone to a lot of errors that push the consumers to look towards the competitor. It makes it then necessary for companies, especially startups, to consider engaging in Quality Assurance services, or simply QA services.

QA services provide testing services that are specific to the software and the vision of the developers. Generally, these types of services are broad and flexible due to the varied nature of many different software. What is common, though, is that QA services have specific processes to make sure that they deliver in such a way that the software comes out as smooth.

The services offered can range from QA audit, whereas a team of experts evaluates the development process that developers utilized. Afterward, the QA team will diagnose and give builds regarding how the process of the developers could be improved. It also ranges towards manual and automation testing, depending on what you’d like the team to do.

But How Do You Choose from the Different QA Services Offered?

When considering which Quality Assurance Service you’re going to engage with, it’s essential to find what their processes are. Excellent QA services include comprehensive test planning, rigorous and detailed test execution, detailed defect logging, and consistent metrics reporting.

It cannot be further emphasized how critical those four steps in the QA processes are. That is because the delivery of the information from the QA team to the software developers is important, as individuals use the software at unpredictable times, and fixes are time-bound.

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