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Rainierland is a very popular website that offers its users millions of high-quality videos to be streamed online. It was introduced by Rainer Tamayo and hence was given the name Rainierland. The users can stream videos online without paying any charges to the website. There are absolutely no ads on the website which makes it far better than the websites of its peers. Since the site streams videos free of cost, it violates the copyright laws and shows pirated contents.


Not only Rainierland, but other movies streaming websites too have also shut down in the past, but there were also some other videos streaming websites too, who had to face the same consequences for the copyright laws violation. As soon as the owner of the Rainierland got arrested, the site had to go non-functional for some time until a new team took over the website and the site was running again in no time.

The Rainierland website is very much user-friendly which is one of the major reasons for its popularity as well. You just have to log in to the website and you will see thousands of videos ready to be streamed. Choose the one you like amongst the several options and you are good to go.


Why is Rainierland free?

Rainierland does not charge you anything so from where does the revenue come from? Well, Rainierland generates its revenue from the ads it shows on its website. There are ads on right, left and centre of the website for which the website owner is paid from the people publishing them.

Watching movies on Rainierland

Streaming and watching movies on Rainierland is quite easy as mentioned above. Even if you are a first-time visitor to the Rainierland website, you will find no difficulties whatsoever in streaming the videos. You can either browse through your favourite show or can even search your favourite show with its name in the search bar given at the top

The website does not even want you to sign up or create an account in order to watch the movies. They do not ask for any credit card details, unlike many other sites does. This has added to the reasons for the Rainierland’s popularity. You will hardly find any other website that does not even require you to sign up or make an account to access their contents.

Rainierland recommendations

When you open the website to watch your favourite movie, Rainierland gives you some recommendations for the movies. If you have signed up in the website, the recommendations will be based on the type of movies or genres of movies you have watched recently and if you have not signed up, the recommendations will be random based on the latest movies or from a particular genre.


Rainierland Movies explorer

The Rainierland Movies explorer is an excellent feature of the website where you can watch free movies based on the genres you like. There are people who like to watch movies of the same genre again and again as they loved that particular genre. If you want to explore what Rainierland has to offer to you on your favourite genre, scroll down to the homepage of the website and you will find the Movies Explorer.


The movies explorer has got different tabs which show different genres. Explorer covers almost all the genres available in the movie industry and is assured that you will definitely get what you are looking for.

Search for your favourite movies

If you do not get the name of the movie you want, you can simply write the name of it and search in the search bar provided on the top of the website. If Rainierland database has the movie, it will show you the movie and you can either stream it on the website itself or download it to watch later.



Rainierland is an amazing website to stream movies online. Once you are on the website, you will get thousands of movies to stream for free and also find your favourite movies very easily, all thanks to the daily updated database and excellent search options.




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