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How to win a Green Card for the United States

One of the most famous landing places for people who want to settle down abroad is the United States of America as this state accepts all the backgrounds and cultures with an open heart. America is called the land of opportunities and dreams, and there are such advantages of living and working in this country as people dream of living the American life.

Dream of working and settling down in the USA leads you towards the cost of opportunities, services, positiveness and enthusiasm and many more things which you will experience when you once start living in the reality of your dreams you saw in the past. 

Green Card and Green Card Lottery:

If a person has a dream of living in the USA, then one should know about the green card lottery and USA green card which will help people in fulfilling their dreams and goals. A green card is an authority which gives you the right to work and live and study in the USA permanently. The department of immigration services of the USA gives you a green card which is proof that you are a constant resident of that state. 

Green card lottery and green card are almost the same things almost, but the difference is that the lottery gives you a chance of winning a green card through some easy process. Generally, the lottery permits entry to the people belonging to countries who have low-level of immigration to the USA. Annually, they allot 50,000 green cards visas on a lottery basis.

Process of participating in the green card lottery:

First of all, one should be eligible for participating in this lottery and for this, you should belong to a country where immigration level is low towards the USA. The U.S state department every year issues an updated list of qualified countries. The other one is to at least graduate from high school or the least work experience of 2 years in any field.

If you are from one of the qualifying countries, then there is an application form on the USA immigration site which can be filled online as it is very easy. The application form is absolutely free without any fee or cost, which makes this process super easy for everyone. But the cost starts after winning the lottery for completing the visa process and interview which is taken in the USA. After getting a us green card from the green card lottery, you can apply for citizenship of the USA any time in future without any difficulty, and the best thing about that is it doesn’t affect your current residency in the USA. 

Benefits of acquiring Green Card:

The people already know the importance and value of having a green card in the USA in the world as it gives you several advantages of living there. For the students, tuition fees of colleges and universities are less, and you can sponsor your family to come and easy access to social security benefits and better job opportunities and much more for green cardholders.  

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