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Home for the Ottawa Market

Staging your home is an essential part of the process in putting your home up for sale on the Ottawa real estate market. Potential buyers want to know that the house they are purchasing is in good condition, that it is clean, and that they will be able to add their own touches to it. In other words, people want to see a house with a blank slate. Mastering the art of staging a home for the Ottawa market will help you sell your home faster than ever, so here are some tips for you. 

Why Staging a Home is Important

Staging is optional, but it is also something you shouldn’t underestimate. Staging may seem like an investment, yet, it can help you get a better price for your home. Remember, potential homeowners are not looking just for a place to dwell. They want a home, just as you do, and want to be able to envision themselves somewhere their lives can flourish. When you stage a home, you help potential buyers establish a connection—and that ultimately means more money. 

The Current Ottawa Real Estate Market

Knowing the market is just as important as knowing how to stage your home. Putting a home for sale on the Ottawa market can be challenging. Ottawa is largely metropolitan, so those who are searching for a house or property usually want to upscale their lifestyle. They want a modern-looking space and minimal design. At the same time, Ottawa is also a popular place for families looking for a suburban experience to settle down. There are plenty of villages with friendly communities and safe environments where people want to settle. 

For this reason, when you stage your home, it is best to add small touches that reinforce a few ideas: potential and family life. 

Because staging your home is all about the first impression, you should approach the act carefully. Plan out how you wish to stage your home, or ask your real estate agent or a professional staging company in Ottawa to assist you. There are many options for polishing your home, so choose the one that is best for you. 

Ways to Stage Your Home

The vastness of staging depends solely on your budget. If your budget is tight, then it is best for focus on the big picture in places that make the most difference in selling a home. The exterior is one of the key places to stage, as well as any outdoor living space, the kitchen, bathrooms, living room, and the master bedroom. If your home has any additional amenities, like a Jacuzzi, then showcase that too.

Once you decided on which places to highlight, do the following: 


Buyers want to see a clean house. More specifically, they want to know the kitchen and bathrooms are clean. If you can’t purchase brand new appliances, make the ones in your home look spotless. Get rid of any splattered spaghetti sauce and breadcrumbs. Polish the metal details and scrub the corners of the tub. The goal is to make everything look sparkling and pristine. 

Don’t forget to remove odors as well. You can purchase some candles with inviting scents, like lemon or cinnamon or fresh baked cookies. That can help mask any smells. Don’t forget to take out the garbage. 

As you clean, if you find any issues, such as dry rot, crackings in the ceiling or walls, or even roofing problems or water damage, make sure you have that repaired before any potential buyer sees your home. 


Remove all family photos and items that have someone’s name on them. Also, get rid of stuff on the refrigerator. Put away children’s toys or anything that is personal to you and your family. 


Clutter brings about a few problems. It is distracting, and it makes the house seem smaller than it truly is. Remember, too, that the buyer is interested in closet space, so you should never stuff everything into the closets. That will be off-putting. 

Interior Elements

Now that you have cleaned, decluttered, and got rid of personal effects, it is time to focus on the interior décor. Give every space a defined purpose. For example, if you have a finished basement, make it into an office or fitness studio. Bedrooms should be just that. The dining room shouldn’t be a clutter of school books and laundry. Even if the buyer has no intention of using rooms as they see them, the key is to show off usable space. 

Get rid of any shabby wallpaper and too bright paint. The best color is white or off-white for the walls of your home, since that emphasizes the blank slate. Try to limit extreme colors and use a neutral palette while staging. 

You may also want to consider the flooring. Hardwood floors are very appealing to new buyers, so if you have them under drab rugs, tear up the carpet. The bathroom floors should be repaired, too. 

Try to show off how your home looks in natural light. If there are rooms that do not see a lot of sun, be sure to add supplemental lighting. 

Professional Staging Companies in Ottawa 

Does staging sound like too much of a job right now for you to deal with? Don’t worry. There are plenty of professional staging companies in Ottawa that can prepare your home for the Ottawa market. While hiring a company comes with its own considerations and price, most will offer a standard line up of services, such as: 

  • Interior and exterior painting
  • Space planning
  • Furniture rental 
  • Window treatments
  • Walk-through artwork and furnishings
  • Landscaping
  • Lighting
  • Additional accessories 

In most cases, the staging company will ask that you rent a storage container for your personal belongings where you can keep most of your things during the staging process. You don’t have to move everything that you own. The goal is simply to create a picture of a livable space that will appeal to home buyers. 

The Bottom Line

Selling your property on the Ottawa market can be challenging, since it is highly competitive. But if you start with staging your home correctly, you will appeal to more potential buyers in less time. Trust in the advice of your real estate agent or the professional staging company. They will be able to help you show off your home the right way, so you walk away from the process with a smile on your face. 


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