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The question of how to write an article comes back to you like a boomerang? The task is simple, but the effects of hard work on the text do not satisfy the recipients, the client, you? Writing articles requires more than the infamous “light pen”, but mastering the copywriting technique is within the reach of anyone who speaks a given language fluently. It is enough to know what content is currently in demand and how to present it in an accessible and interesting way. If you need this knowledge, read the article and find out which copywriter’s treatments work on the Internet.

Content marketing – why articles are important?

If you want to write a good article, you need to pay attention to a few basic elements regarding the structure and its content. The main parameter is the length of the content, but no less important is the number and structure of headers used by competing websites. In the next steps, it is worth taking a closer look at the keyword density in individual content elements and analyzing the words used on the pages ranked in the highest positions.

Sounds like a lot of work? Nobody said that research is not time-consuming, but each additional hour spent in good preparation for writing content will pay off with more visits to the website directly from the search engine.

The above-mentioned elements can be pulled manually from competitors’ pages by aggregating data from various sources in a spreadsheet. You can also do it a bit easier by using one tool for analyzing the competition – Surfer. Just enter a keyword, choose a location and after a minute you can find out everything about the texts of the competition.

Fierce competition and new customer acquisition strategies make web content a requirement for companies with websites. How to write SEO texts so that they are linguistically and technically correct, attract users to the site and take the dream position in the TOP 10?

It’s not a good idea to copy or rewrite content from a website. Google robots appreciate original content, and duplicate content can be blocked. Duplicate content can be divided into content copied within one site (internal duplicate) or across multiple domains (external duplicate). To avoid that problem quickly, there’s a simple solution – using one of a free rephrase online tools.  

SEO copywriting

The basic mistake of people outside the Internet marketing industry (and some from the industry) is thinking that anyone can become an SEO Copywriter. Not only is this opinion detrimental to true SEO copywriting fighters, but also quite often it can make a lot of mess on websites and, unfortunately, spoil the market. To this day, you can find websites with texts that are qualitatively similar to the back-end content from several years ago.

If you want to write SEO texts, you need to have a sense of the natural introduction of a phrase into the text, use vocabulary appropriately, and be able to convey substantive knowledge or describe a given service or product in such a way that the text is understandable to the target group and at the same time supports website positioning.

The main assumption of SEO activities is to achieve the highest possible position in organic results on Google. It is commonly said that the text should be properly optimized for SEO, but content optimization is only part of the process of creating such text. In the process of creating content for SEO, it is therefore necessary to combine the subject matter with the use of appropriate vocabulary and stylistic means, appropriate text formatting and optimization in terms of key phrases.

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