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Youtube channels have become a popular medium of information among all age groups. Youtube channels relay high-quality moving pictures with sound which grasp everyone’s attention, hence students trying to expand their knowledge in the field of Business studies also look for the best youtube channel for business studies class 12.

Business Studies Class 12 Course

Students after choosing the Commerce stream are required to study Business studies. But more than requirement students like to study and gain knowledge in the subject of business studies as it teaches the most basic concept for any organization needs to run. Students can relate the concepts like the principle of management to consumerism in their day-to-day life, hence making it one of their favorite subjects. Let us first understand how Business Studies is helpful to students studying in class 12 standards.

  • The business studies class 12 course involves the chapters such as the meaning of management and the concept of effectiveness and efficiency which students can inculcate in their life.
  • It also teaches the process of management hence helping them how the business runs through the process of planning, organizing, directing, staffing, and controlling so that if they also wish to become an entrepreneur and run their own business, they should be equipped with enough knowledge to do so.

Now after understanding how important it is to study business studies, let us see how students can cope up with their curiosity during the current Covid 19 pandemic times.

 Why Business Studies Class 12 Online Classes

Business Studies is a course that requires hands-on knowledge of current economic and business trends. Students need someone to share their day-to-day experiences that can help them to get a conceptual understanding of the subjects. Online classes for Business studies for class 12th are extensive and engaging that talk more about case studies and business trends. That’s the reason why there is a sudden surge in demand for Business Studies Class 12 Online Classes.

There are various platforms available online to help the students with business studies online classes but most of them lack the basic necessities in their online classes for students to study calmly without any distraction like HD quality video, proper network, and Clear audio.

There are various types of help available online for the students to choose from.

  • Paid Online Classes
  • YouTube Video Lectures
  • Recorded classes on the website
  • Pen Drive Courses

Why Class 12 Business Studies Video Lectures/ Youtube Lectures Are The Best Choices?

FACTORS Live Online Classes Youtube Video Lectures Recorded Classes on websites Pen Drive Courses
Fees Charges high fees Free of Cost Charges Fees and other registration charges Charges fees
Faculty Have an experienced faculty Have an experienced faculty and even can study from teachers teaching overseas. Educators may lack experience and expertise Educators may lack experience and expertise
Accessibility Accessible only to those who can pay the fees Accessible to all irrespective of any financial situation Mayor may not be accessible to all Accessible only to those who buy the course
Availability Live classes Recorded and live classes Recorded classes Recorded classes
Engagement Interrupted Engaging Engaging Engaging

As can be seen, by the Differences above the best choice for students studying in class 12 is Youtube Video Lectures. Best youtube channel for business studies class 12 provides HD quality video with clear audio to students with problem-solving in the comment section.

Youtube lectures are free of cost making them available to everyone who wishes to study business studies.

The best youtube channel for business studies class 12 can be watched anywhere at any time and comfortably in the house without getting affected by the current pandemic situation.

The Youtube video lectures are viewed by millions of students and get all their doubts cleared. It provides students the best illustration of every topic and also students can study from various teachers at a time in case they didn’t understand any topic.

Youtube Video Lectures are the best online platform for studying online.

Which Is The Best Youtube Channel For Business Studies Class 12

There are many teachers which provide online classes in their specific subjects but VidyaSetu is by far the best Youtube Channel for Business studies class 12 and also for all the other subjects of commerce such as accountancy and economics.

VidyaSetu provides all Class 12 commerce Video lectures in one place and also at the same time provides Sample Papers, Question Papers, NCERT Notes, solutions, etc such that students don’t have to waste their time looking for study material.

VidyaSetu provides the best Youtube video lectures as it has Hd quality video with clear audio and at the same time the tutors and educators at VidyaSetu are experienced and expertise in their field such that they can make you understand the most difficult topics with interactive methods and easy tricks.

Benefits Of Studying From Vidya Setu-

  1. Expertise and Experienced Teachers
  2. HD Quality video with clear audio
  3. Study material- NCERT Books, Sample Papers, Previous Year Question Papers, Notes are provided
  4. Provides the case studies examples and solutions for Business studies class 12
  5. Is accessible to all anywhere at any time and can be seen without any distraction.
  6. Completely Free Of Cost as VidyaSetu’s only goal is to provide education to all.


During the current scenario of Business studies, class 12 online classes have become the new normal with students studying at their homes without any friends or classmates around. It can be very boring for students and they might lose interest. VidyaSetu is the best youtube channel for business studies class 12 as it provides the best quality video with perfect sound and study material for preparation.

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