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Virtual Classroom Software

In the last few years virtual classroom software has been used to reach kids at home and to help people receive tutoring and it was mildly popular during these years. In 2020 however, this type of software has really proven its worth and since everyone has been on lockdown following the CoVid-19 outbreak, this is one of the pieces of software which has been used to keep schools and educational facilities going. A software which is specifically developed to cater to the needs of children is going to be the norms in the coming days.

The thought of kids not being able to continue their learning was not one that anyone was ready to entertain but thankfully through the use of virtual classrooms we have been able to keep some level fo continuity for the kids and for students all over the world, something which we would never have been able to do in the past.

No Break

The big worry was that the longer the kids stayed away from school the harder it would be for them to integrate back in. When they break up for summer vacations this is something which is very much planned for and there is a clear end of year and a beginning of the next one. This lockdown took place when so many were preparing for exams and that is why this was such a difficult time. Thankfully through the software many students have been able to continue much of their education.


Whilst it is true that this will not take over the traditional classroom as there are many factors which mean that it can’t replicate that environment, this is the closest thing to it that we can find and that is something else which is greatly helping both students and teachers. Having the ability to teach topics, to use an online whiteboard, to allocate students into groups which can be individually monitored and to even be able to virtually raise your hand, are all great features which help to recreate that classroom environment somewhat. As we say it will never be the same but it is more than good enough to fill in the gap until schools and educational facilities are open once again.


Another worry was the break in routine, not just for the learning students but also for parents who are still working and who count on their kids being at school, or at least studying at certain times during the day. This has helped families all over the world to try and maintain some level of routine and if you were to ask any family they will tell you just how important this is to the general order of  the household. Thanks to the virtual classroom kids have to be in attendance at certain times and that has been something which has greatly helped both students and families.

This technology may very well find a bigger place in the future within the education system and it has been a godsend during this lockdown in terms of maintaining the educational continuity of so many.

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