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Ideas, Tips & Tricks to Make A Holiday Sale VideoIdeas, Tips & Tricks to Make A Holiday Sale Video

Holidays are the perfect time for an extra promotional boost. Don’t forget that people are actually also looking for shopping ideas for friends and family. Everyone wins if you can provide the right product or service. Moreover, what better way to update people than with awesome videos online? It’s the perfect tool to engage and connect with people at a deeper level. You can even get inspired with various templates available on a video maker. You’ll be surprised at how quickly you can create videos that look professional and get your point across effectively. 

Ideas and Tips for the Best Holiday Content from your Video Maker 

  • Promo online video 
  • Short film ideas
  • Product explainer 
  • Shopping Campaign
  • Colors and festive features 
  • Remarketing 
  • Holiday-themed events 
  • Create videos around emotional stories (shared 

Promo Online Video  

Sometimes simple is best. At the end of the day, people want good deals and promotions during the holidays. They’re therefore likely to be looking through videos online for anything useful for them. Depending on the holiday, you can therefore use your online video maker to broadcast about your upcoming promotion. Use the video editor to add a clear call-to-action phrase across your images, especially in your first video, and people should come to you.

Product Explainer 

Perhaps you want to make a video about a new product that you’re launching for the holidays, for example? In that case, you can go through your video maker templates to find the explainer video structure that you need to get started. It’s then very easy to drag and drop your own images into video templates so as to showcase your new product. Then, add some music and any features such as stickers or GIFs to create excitement. You’ll then be able to easily share short film ideas quality videos across all your social media channels. 

Ideas, Tips & Tricks to Make A Holiday Sale Video
Ideas, Tips & Tricks to Make A Holiday Sale Video

Shopping Campaign  

Most big holidays involve people buying new clothes, gifts and food. They’re therefore looking for giveaways as well as deals. That’s the perfect opportunity to use your video maker to create a series of videos built up around a shopping campaign. Perhaps include a countdown or a different product for every day of the week when you make videos? Whatever it is, you can then add music to enhance the mood when making videos for whatever holiday it is.

Colors and Festive Features 

People love dressing up for special occasions. You can leverage that by dressing up your online video with fun features. For example, most video editor tools are easy to use and have options for you to add fancy borders or even balloons and shapes floating across your images. Naturally, you can also edit in any colors that could further enhance the overall effect. 


There’s always an opportunity to use your video maker to reconnect with your existing customers. That’s especially true in the run-up to holidays when some of your customers might even have full carts that they haven’t completed their purchase on. So, help them remember with an awesome online video. It’s easy to download a video template, drag and drop your images and add some fun reminder text with your video editing tools.

Holiday-themed events 

Everyone loves events whether these are online or offline. Why not also include some giveaways and any other promotions? This will further boost goodwill and people will want to get involved in both your events and even potentially your brand. Naturally, you can create videos of your events with any video maker software tool. Keep your images simple and then download them into the perfectly formatted video template. That way, you’ll create hype around your brand. Moreover, people will feel special either by attending your events or simply watching them online. Don’t underestimate how much events build communities.

Create Videos Around Emotional Stories 

Last but not least, stories are a highly impactful way to connect with people and share a message when making videos. That’s because it’s so much easier to remember stories rather than random images. Furthermore, once there’s an emotional connection then, as long as you’ve presented your logo at the right time, people will more easily connect to your brand. Even social media is boosting stories as a tool and encouraging people to share them. Overall, it’s a great way to increase your web traffic. So, get your video editor, think of the story of your brand and map out the relevant images. Add some music with some color and other editing effects and you’re ready to download your video. 

Ideas, Tips & Tricks to Make A Holiday Sale Video
Ideas, Tips & Tricks to Make A Holiday Sale Video

Final Recommendations for Using a Video Maker For Promoting Holiday Seasons 

Holiday seasons are the perfect opportunity to showcase your brand. Make sure you have a promotion or new product to share and then create videos around that. You’ll easily be able to use your video maker to make quality videos that blend the perfect theme with the right music and call-to-action. Help people remember a holiday thanks to your brand and your leads will naturally increase. 

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