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Celebrating the birthday is always a good opportunity to bring together the people we love and remember the moments we lived there. If your day is coming and no idea comes to mind to make this celebration, thinking about parties that run away from the traditional can be a good way. Discover ideas to celebrate your birthday, with suggestions for those who want to have a more intimate moment or for those who really want to have fun.

Party in the carvery

A good celebration has to have food, right? How about gathering your guests in a restaurant with carvery, such as a pizzeria, steakhouse, sushibar, anyway. The great advantage is that this party model ends up being much more economical, since each one pays his own bill and leaves the birthday boy free from losses. In addition, each guest can eat according to what they like and the best: there is no dishwasher to wash at the end of the party.

Home cinema

For those who are short of money or want something more intimate, a good idea may be to gather some friends for a home cinema. The idea is simple: choose a movie, make popcorn, buy goodies and leave the room comfortable to receive your guests. You can also make a special video for your loved one and play it using birthday video maker. You can even propose that each guest bring a drink or something different to eat. In order not to have discussions about the choice of film, the decision can be made by the birthday boy.

Although it seems simple, this moment allows to have a much greater contact with the guests, since the number of people that a room usually holds is small. Thus, it is possible to pay attention to everyone, talk quietly and have fun watching a good movie.

Experiencing drinks

If you cannot miss a drink at your parties, tasting with your friends can be the ideal model! All you will need is a few snacks to nip and a space at home to welcome guests. You can request that each guest bring a drink for the tasting, be it beer, wine or another item that most people like.

It is also worth choosing animated songs to make the moment more relaxed. Just remember the old tip of not mixing drinks. The ideal is to have a theme night and choose only one type of drink. And of course, be responsible to your friends and ask them to come to the location by taxi or Uber, to avoid driving after drinking.

Something you’ve never done

This idea is interesting for those who intend to spend the birthday accompanied by a few people (or even alone) and it is about trying something new. Be it a confectionery class, a day at the Spa, a walk-in a nearby city or a visit to an aesthetic center, the proposal is to think of something you never did to test.

Collective buying sites can be a good place to find this type of activity. But it is good to check the options well in advance, as some programs require prior reservation. The extra advantage is that this type of website offers more affordable prices, which also helps to save on the celebration.

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