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A belt is a mandatory part of every girl’s wardrobe. The choice of this element should be approached as seriously as possible. First of all, what you should remember – don’t run after fashion, because even the most stylish accessory may not suit your look and completely spoil it. You need to choose depending on your body, figure, age and height.

For a girl with a figure, an hourglass is suitable for a belt tied around the waist. Almost all styles and colors are suitable, the most important thing is not to overdo it and choose a harmonious combination with the clothes.

The sash is one of the most widespread accessories at the waist line. Small girls should prefer a dark colored or matching accessory to match. An excess of horizontal line for short girls is useless because it visually reduces growth.

Girls with a pear figure and waist are not recommended for wearing hip belts. So, you emphasize only the broad shoulders and make them visually even broader. An excellent option for “pear” will be a thin belt tied around the waist.

Girls can use beaded belts to look classier and more gorgeous. They have different patterns and styles to wear.

A belt tied to the hips will create extra volume.

It is recommended that girls with an inverted triangle using belts on the hips; this trick will add a little volume to the background. You can achieve an even greater effect by using decorated strips.

Women who have no waist or are overweight are not recommended to wear a belt. This can only emphasize all deficiencies. If your legs are long, you can tie it to your hips. Also, note that the belt tied around your hips can make your legs even shorter and wider. You should also not use very contrasting shades when choosing an accessory.

4 facts about belts and belts you didn’t know

In the ancient world, the presence of a belt on the man was a sign of static, wealth. It was of particular importance to the knights – it was a symbol of honor and dignity, and its loss was considered a disgrace for the owner.

Today is an accessory with which you can show your personality, sense of style and make the image complete. The main thing is to be able to choose belts for business style and casual clothes.

A belt for a modern person is another complement to the image, because the pants chosen according to the figure fit perfectly.

This is an accessory that deserves attention. On store shelves, a huge variety for all tastes and pockets. A properly selected belt is a great opportunity to diversify your wardrobe and show your personality.

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