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Ideas to Organize a Party After Raksha Bandhan Ceremony? thane, you are in right place Raksha Bandhan is a very highly celebrated festival in India. The culture and concept that is associated with brothers and sisters and their true loving bond is portrayed through this day in the most accurate manner. Whether the siblings are little kids or grown-up adults, Raksha Bandha is celebrated without a miss even if the brother must send Rakhi gift online for his sister! That is how much a special place this occasion holds in the heart of every Indian. But these days, Raksha Bandha is merely not about the ceremony of putting “tika” and exchanging gifts and going through the whole number of rituals that has to be done by the siblings. Raksha Bandhan has become no less than a family get-together or a gathering of cousins where a part or an after party is a must. We bring to you some of the best ideas to organize a great after party for Raksha Bandhan here:

  • Giving a treat – Instead of troubling your sister with preparing too many dishes for you inside the kitchen give her a special rakhi treat by taking her out for lunch or dinner after all the rituals are done. This may actually act as a great surprise gift for your sister and she may end up loving you more!
  • Shopping Therapy – You might have one finicky brother or a picky sister when it comes to giving gifts. One might not like the color of the top while the other might think the shirt makes him look “uncool”. Well, we have a very easy solution for that and that is shopping!! Yes, girls or boys, we all love shopping, isn’t it? So, take your siblings or a nice day out and give them the liberty of choosing their own gift (but ofcourse keeping the budget in mind!)
  • Bring the Childhood Back – A lot of you and your cousins must be meeting after ages if they opted to make themselves present instead of sending rakhi online for this Raksha Bandhan. So why not try and make it more memorable by arranging for fun games like hide & seek, musical chair, passing the pillow, dumb charade, etc. and reliving all your childhood days. Childhood memories cherished in the best way can be this.
  • All About Theme – Make this raksha bandhan a little unconventional by adding a theme to it. Flowers are a good way of getting incorporated in lots of manners. Make flower-themed raksha bandhan by not only decorating the house with pretty blossoms but also using flowers to wrap up rakhi gifts, etc. You can also make your rakhi ceremony the coolest by involving photo booths as most people are busy Instagramming these days!
  • Take the party Outside – Celebrate this Rakhsha Bandhan by actually going on a day outing or even a weekend trip with your siblings. It will not only give you a break from work and a family outing, but it will be a fresh way of celebrating the ceremony giving you an excuse for a vacay!
  • Looking Back – Arrange for a video or movie after the ceremony is over where you all sit and look at your childhood day pictures and videos of the entire family and reminiscence from it. Trust me, it will be a great way to end the day and leave you with happy tears!
  • Movie Marathon – If your favorite movie is around the corner as the same day as raksha bandhan, then why miss this chance? Plan a movie date with your beloved siblings and who knows the movie might just surprise you!
  So, this Raksha Bandhan, try something different!]]>

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