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Tips to Nurture a Transparent Relationship with Your Child <![CDATA[Tips to Nurture a Transparent Relationship with Your Child]]>

Tips to Nurture a Transparent Relationship with Your Child Watching your precious little one grow up to walking, joining words to ask for that candy jar and making those cute mischiefs is surely a delightful phase. However, it’s not just an infant who grows up into a toddler; you too grow into a better parent. Because toddlerhood comes with its own responsibilities and joys. Your toddler can throw random tantrums and make things a little chaotic for you but as a parent, it’s important to get into the child’s shoes and see things from his or her perspective. Things can become easier and the journey can be more mesmerizing if you consider a few parenting tips for toddlers. Let’s look at a few of them: Building a stronger connection with your toddler Understand that your infant is entering the first phase of getting to know the world and how things function. It becomes difficult to manage them at this age as they begin their own experiments of making things work their way. The concept of connection parenting comes as a solution to this. The reason being a parent is the biggest influencer of a child when he/she starts adapting to the actions around. A transparent relationship with the kid can make him/her follow things your way as he/she would want to be your shadow and follow your style of reacting to things. Develop their confidence at this stage For a kid who can barely put across a point clearly, a parent’s validation is of utmost importance. Once again, there is a tendency amongst kids to catch their parent’s style of taking things up, be it the way you talk, dress up and eat. A few words of encouragement can make much different at this stage. The more you praise them, the more it boosts their self-esteem or confidence. Take pride in their little achievements and avoid using strong comments if the house gets a little more chaotic while they build their dream castle. Make your toddler believe that mistakes are necessary to reach the final goal and you won’t love them less if they make mistakes. Inculcate effective listening and acknowledgment Effectively listening to things is vital when your kid’s growing up. As a parent, no matter how busy you’re in dealing with work and domestic issues, always remember to listen to even their minute problems. A simple nod and some words of acknowledgment can make them feel confident and instill a habit of sharing little things with you. This indeed turns into a transparent relationship and your child doesn’t have to deal with their anger and frustration alone. Natural parenting is, any time, the best for your kid, however, just a few tips here and there can add to the effectiveness. Keeping a positive environment at home, it’s okay to let go of that messy room sometimes when you come back from work. Understand that this is their part of growing up and they should be given ample space to develop themselves into a disciplined being.]]>

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