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Many popular sports such as running, walking, or cycling are becoming more and more popular among people of all ages. But is that enough to be completely healthy? According to international recommendations, our bodies need not only aerobic exercise but also additional exercises to strengthen muscle tissue. Gym + gym coach Dane Urcue talks about the benefits of strength training for everyone.

1. Reduced risk of injury.

Strength training is probably the best way to strengthen muscles, ligaments, and tendons, maintain or increase muscle mass and bone density. This is important not only for athletes, young people but especially for the elderly. At the age of 40, we begin to weaken naturally, lose some muscle mass, and begin to thin our bones. This process can accelerate the onset of sarcopenia disease (age-related decrease in muscle mass and strength) in old age. Strength exercises and proper nutrition are an effective means of preventing this disease.

According to osteoporosis statistics, maintaining and increasing bone density is extremely important as it helps prevent dangerous bone fractures. Muscle-strengthening also helps to stabilize joints and relieves the load on them, which can lead to an increased risk of multiple injuries, for example, for runners who miss strength training.

2. Improved heart function.

When it comes to cardiovascular health, many immediately think of jogging or other forms of aerobic exercise, but according to research by University of Iowa researchers, lifting weights even one hour a week can reduce the chances of stroke and heart attack by 40-70%. The World Health Organization recommends two types of exercise:

• At least 150 minutes of aerobic exercise per week at moderate intensity or 75 minutes per week at high intensity.
• At least 2 days a week of muscle-building workouts.

3. Unnecessary calories burned.

Although athletes burn more calories during a cardio workout, in terms of weight lifting workouts, metabolism will be accelerated up to 38 hours after the workout. As a result, you will burn more calories per day than usual.

Our muscles need energy. More muscle – faster metabolism, more resources for the body to “maintain” itself. Naturally, when you start exercising properly in the gym and eating right, your muscle mass will increase and you will burn more calories every day with virtually nothing.

4. Improved mood.

There is more than one research proving the benefits of sports in improving mood, reducing anxiety and depression. Lifting heavy weights stimulates the release of many hormones, including the hormone IGF-1, which stimulates neuronal connections in the brain and enhances cognitive function. An interesting fact is that in 2016, English researchers noticed a positive association between higher leg strength and the mental abilities of older people.

Dane Urcue, who trains participants in the Healthy Fit wellness project, emphasizes that the benefits of weightlifting are undeniable. Therefore, in training, he uses a variety of strength exercises to help participants not only lose unnecessary pounds but also strengthen physically. Of course, and improve the mood! You will not only feel the results of strength training when you see an improved appearance or a stronger body, but you will also definitely feel the progress and do simple daily tasks at home, which will be much easier to overcome from now on.

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