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best block puzzle apps

If you feel that social distancing and isolation during the coronavirus lockdown is getting on your nerves – wait, relax, take a deep breath and repeat to yourself, “We’ll soon get out of it.” Billions of people are stuck indoors in an attempt to stem the spread of the pandemic. But, while everyone’s at home, an endless array of online apps are helping us stay sane. So, if you’re tired of other things, mobile games are a safe haven. Try these block puzzle apps and bring in a breath of fresh air.

  1. BlockuDoku

We’re all together in this phase – but the chaos is unavoidable. However, when you start playing this fantastic puzzle, you’ll see how effortlessly it takes you through the idea of clarity. The Easybrain BlockuDoku game is a combination of classic blocks and Sudoku wherein you’ve to apply logic, destroy as many blocks and you can and keep the board clean.


The game seems easy and straightforward in the beginning, but it gets challenging as you escalate. So, maintain your cool – the idea is to get rid of the blocks that obstruct your chances of winning. Once you get the hang of the game, it’ll be your favorite – it’s not overwhelming, is free to install, has various challenges and themes, and works on reasoning. Moreover, this block puzzle has 10+ million downloads on the Google play store, so you know how loved the game is.

  1. Block Puzzle 100

Block puzzles are always satisfying. They help you clear the clouds. Block Puzzle 100 by Silver Lining Company LTD is one such app – its color-coded, addictive, and very much makes to the list of best puzzle apps you can try during the lockdown or even after this. The app is free to use, the gameplay is enjoyable, and it’s, of course, worth trying.

  1. My Block Puzzle

This game by the Samshui Corporation is both for the novice and experts. It very much has the feel of the classic block puzzles offering different difficulty levels, no time constraints, and several other exciting features. Once you start playing, you would totally lose track of time.

  1. Woody 99

This one by the Athena Studio is another free and easy to use puzzle game. It perfectly matches the feel and essence of the classic block puzzles. The game is challenging, yet every level feels exciting, and having more than a million downloads shows its popularity.

  1. Puzzledom

Puzzledom by Metajoy LTD has a massive collection of three different types of games put into one app. It comes with attractive graphics and offers sophisticated gameplay. The levels start easy but get more complicated as you move up. A lot of users enjoy the app, and we’re sure it’ll be your favorite too.

With these five puzzles, we sort your need for a daily dose of entertainment. Our top pick is the BlockuDoku block puzzle. It seems promising, maintains simplicity with its design and gameplay, and is quite addictive. You won’t be able to put it aside! Try out for yourself and simplify your life during these difficult times.

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