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Indian cricketer Sachin Tendulkar Delivers Speech on Facebook which he Unheard in Parliament Sachin Tendulkar Delivers Speech on Facebook which he wanted to give in rajya sabha At the Rajya Sabha on Thursday, Sachin Tendulkar was the first to give a speech, but he was not allowed to speak due to the strong uprising of the Opposition on the special court’s judgment on  2G. This was the first speech in the Rajya Sabha after the nomination of the MP in 2012, but due to the chaos, it could not be done. Today, Sachin Tendulkar read out his speech on social media which he wanted to give in the Rajya Sabha. In his speech, Sachin made his views on topics ranging from health to sports. Sachin said that due to the many diseases like diabetes in our country, our economy is making a difference. He said that to avoid such diseases, the game should be encouraged so that people can stay fit.In the 15-minute long video, Tendulkar talked about his vision of a healthy and a fit India.He went on to say that being a sportsperson, he would talk about sports, health and fitness, for it has a telling impact on India’s economy Tendulkar raised the issue of India being the diabetic capital of the world with over 75 million people affected by the disease, and when it comes to obesity India is at number three spot in the world and the economic burden of these diseases will not allow the country to progress. I loved playing sport and cricket was my life. My father, professor Umesh Tendulkar, was a poet and a writer. He always supported me and encouraged me to be what I wanted to be in life. The greatest gift I got from him was the freedom to play, the right to play My vision is healthy and fit India.We are a diabetic capital of the world with over 75 billion people affected by this disease. And when it comes to obesity, we are sitting at no.3 spot in the world. The economic burden of these diseases will not allow our nation to progress. Humare fitness ke sessions light ho rahe hai and khane ke sessions thori heavy hote ja rahe hain, humein ye aadat badalni chahiye. (Our fitness sessions are declining while our food sessions are on the rise, we should change this habit). Many of us only discuss and don’t play at all. We need to transform India from a sport loving nation to a sport playing nation. Make everyone more active and participative, inculcate and develop the sporting culture of the country. Tendulkar also appreciated the North-East of India for its sporting culture. “The North-East of India, which has only 4 per cent population of India, has a vibrant sporting culture,” he said.“It has produced many sporting heroes, including our boxing idol, Mary Kom.” Tendulkar also loisted out names like Mirabai Chanu, Dipa Karmakar and Baichung Bhutia.]]>

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