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Compliant packagingCompliant packaging

Not only is packaging essential for holding and transporting the product, but it is also the first point of contact with your customers. It is, essentially, what determines whether customers will buy your products or not. Packaging is the identity of the product, brand, and company.

When it comes to the packaging of cannabis products, all of this is vital, but so is following FDA regulations for safety purposes. There are a certain set of requirements that dispensaries need to follow with regard to the packaging and labeling of cannabis products.

Following FDA-compliant packaging can thus have an impact on sales as well. In this article, we will be taking a closer look at how this is so.

What is Compliant Packaging?

Before we dive into the importance of compliant packaging, let’s take a deeper look at what constitutes. It refers to the labeling, packaging, and branding of cannabis products. In Canada and certain states of the United States, there are certain laws governing the packaging regulation of certain products.

Some of these include the avoidance of labels and packaging that might entice young people, including testimonials that the product evokes positive feelings and endorsement. Moreover, the labels must also include critical information about the product, any side effects it may have, and warning labels.

Why is FDA Compliant Packaging Important?

Previously, cannabis products used to be packaged like any prescription drug: in a clear, transparent bottle with a cap. This type of packaging came about to prevent children from unintentionally ingesting the product. But despite that, this packaging did not do a very good job at preventing such instances.

Now, regulations state that cannabis products have the following compliant packaging:

  •       Be in opaque packages
  •       Have child-resistant pouches and bags
  •       Have seals

As a result of these FDA regulations, dispensaries and manufacturers have had to rethink their marketing strategy and increase their sales in an industry where marketing has been largely stifled. So how does this affect sales? Let’s take a look.

How Do Compliant Packaging Affect Sales?

Due to the aforementioned regulations, creativity is lost in the packaging of cannabis products. Manufacturers cannot really create a unique brand image for their cannabis products or have enticing colors and patterns or any kind of endorsements.

We know that these are all of the factors that actually attract customers to buy the products in the first place. When you can’t use any of them for your marketing, you are not reaching a wider audience. Hence, you cannot sell as much as you otherwise could.

1. Packaging Leads to Greater Sales

Your packaging is your calling card and what drives customers to you. Hence it has to be enticing, contain all required information, and make customers want to try your product. When none of this is followed, your sales might not grow.

2. Compliant Packaging Can Provide the Right Information

Since you have to contain any warning signs, ingredients information, and manufacturing details about the cannabis products according to the FDA requirements, you can potentially increase your sales. This is because customers will know precisely what they are getting out of your product.

3. Compliant Packaging Provides Protection

Anyone in this industry knows how the protection of cannabis once opened is essential. Any good cannabis packaging will be designed to protect the product from any damage from the environment or through human handling. The fresher your product is from the packaging, the more likely it is that customers would recommend your product to others and make repurchases.

4. It Ensures Whether The Product Is Right For Them or Not

Since compliant packaging involves including all information about the cannabis products, it ensures customers and helps them decide whether it is right for them or not. With the right information on the packaging, companies can increase their sales.

5.   It Can Help With Marketing

Even with social media marketing, the right packaging on your cannabis products can be an effective tool in determining your sales. The compliance packaging tells customers everything about the product.

The Bottom Line

The most important thing that cannabis product manufacturers and dispensaries need to do is to make sure they are following all FDA regulations while simultaneously making their products look aesthetically pleasing.

However, knowing what compliances to follow can be challenging. This is where we, MedLock, can help. We provide companies with Compliant Packaging Solutions and information on how they can make their cannabis products aesthetically pleasing, functional, and compliant to regulations. Contact us today on our website for more details! 

Author Name: Jack Finkelstein

Author BIO: Jack has the experience of 25 years in the field of sales and sales management in the market of the United States and Canada. With Med-lock he is managing the one-stop-shop experience for all CBD packaging needs. Jack has been in touch with an extensive contact list of large U.S. and Canadian retailers for more than 25 years now.

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