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Kratom and other natural substances are not approved for any use by the FDA. Use caution with starting or stopping any medications and speak with your doctor first. This is not medical advice and should not be considered such.

Mitragyna Speciosa has the potential to create Kratom tolerance with repeated daily use. Unlike opioids and synthetic drugs, this tolerance does not appear to cause harm to the body (peer reviewed published studies done at the University of Florida with rats and mice show that purified kratom alkaloids cannot poison and kill these animals even at levels 1,000x higher than any normal dose.)

Kratom Tolerance

Kratom tolerance is a condition in which a user requires higher doses of powdered tree leaf to achieve the same benefits as when taking lower doses.

Some of the herb’s psychological and therapeutic benefits persist even after prolonged usage. However, tolerance develops with prolonged use, which might diminish these effects and the advantages.

Potentiation Risk of Kratom Tolerance

Kratom tolerance and dependence are more common when people get more tolerant of the stimulant and use it more frequently. Raising the potency of herbal supplements without increasing the dose may be possible for someone who has developed a tolerance to it. The process of increasing the herb’s potency is known as potentiation.

There has been a rise in psychological and physical desires for stronger opioids in America which is why substances like kratom are so sought after. They show in studies that rats who are addicted to opiates and then use kratom show less withdrawal effects from the addictive opioids (

It’s risky to buy Mitragyna Speciosa from a dealer that isn’t GMP-certified in the US because the herb is uncontrolled here. Mitragyna powder is more likely to be contaminated with other substances (including synthetics that can cause addiction issues and even dangerous health problems) as there is no monitoring of the production and marketing of the powder unless they are GMP qualified by the American Kratom Association like Laughing Lion Herbs, a favorable and reliable kratom vendor.

Dosages may differ from brand to brand, as well as from package to package, and therefore, they may result in overdosing and increasing Kratom tolerance.

How To Avoid Kratom Tolerance Buildup?

Resetting is not as hard as tough as it looks. It does not have to be daunting at all. Using the following ways, you can avoid your Kratom tolerance buildup.

1. One of the most crucial stages is using a SCALE to measure your Mitragyna, not a spoon or scoop.

2. For optimum results, please get a new and different color strain from us that you haven’t used in some time or even a new strain that you haven’t used in some time.

3. You should reduce your dosage by at least 25% to 50%. Calculating this dosage is as simple as remembering how much you’ve already taken.

4. For the first few days, limit your dosage to no more than three times a day (although four is not unheard of).

5. Regarding vacations, 7-14 days is usually enough time. During this period, maintain your regimen and resist the temptation to increase the dosage.

6. Once your decreased dose has been functioning for 7-14 days, it should work as well or even better than before the Kratom tolerance reset.

Kratom Tolerance Reset Kit

Laughing Lion Herbs innovates and thinks ahead of the market to provide you with the most recent formula, herbal combinations, and other products. In this spirit, they have developed an awesome method for resetting your Kratom tolerance with this Kratom Tolerance Reset Kit. In only two to three days, you may truly reset your body and return to loving kratom.

Final Words

Regular usage of any Mitragyna will ultimately result in Kratom tolerance for most people. Tolerance indicates that the amount you ingest no longer produces the same effects as before.
With the Kratom tolerance reset kit, you can manage your Kratom tolerance. Extra herbs and vitamins in a kit helps in the efficacy and speed of the reset, along with a personal guarantee that it will work.

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