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A swimming pool and spa are a wonderful addition to the lifestyle of every Australian home. The immense benefits of exercise and mental wellness provided by a pool or a spa is immeasurable. Swimming is just not a fun way to cool off during summers, but it is also one of the sports or activities that is cost-efficient and requires no heavy equipment. Moreover, there is no barrier of age or ability.

Many Australian homeowners like having a swimming spa of their own. Whether it is big or small, a swimming pool is always a great option for providing comfort and satisfaction to your family and friends.

Getting a personal swimming pool or spa installed

There could be nothing better than having a swim spa of your own. At Gordon Ave Pools & Spas in Geelong, you will get the strongest and most durable pools that are made of Australian ceramic-core Compass fiberglass.

The firm has expertise in installing premium ceramic composite and in-ground fiberglass pools and spas.They have been installing swimming pools in Geelong and prominent locations in western suburb areas of Melbourne.

With an experience of more than 35 years in the industry, Gordon Ave offers customized solutions as they first visit your place personally to ensure the pool and the set-up you have chosen is perfect for you and your place.

They have been winning industry and dealer awards since 2003. They work as a friendly team to provide qualityservice, design, and installation, which shows in every pool that they deliver.You can visit their showroom in Gordon Avenue, Geelong West, or call them for a free quote.

Let’s see how purchasing a swim spa will be beneficial for you.


Once you are in the swimming pool, your body gets exerted as if it is working out. Therefore, having a swimming pool or spa at your home is perfect to achieve your fitness and health goals in the Australian climate. It helps you to build stamina and endurance, both for adults and kids.

You might not be a good swimmer but training in water is a superb aerobic activity that is often recommended as apost-surgery exercise.

Hydrotherapy for wellness

Hydrotherapy is highly beneficial for your health.

  • The use of hot and cold steam jets provides a massaging effect on your muscles.
  • It provides relief from pain due to arthritis,issues with joints and muscles, and nerve problems.
  • It increases blood flow thus, boosting the internal organs and improving their functional ability.
  • Hydrotherapy is also excellent for mental health as a spa becomes a spot for relaxation and calming your senses.

Fun and entertainment

Everyone enjoys the warm water and relaxing with friends in a private space. Hence, you can make your spa pools the highlight of a party at home. Your guests can relax, play or exercise in the swim spa water. It is mostly enjoyed by kids for whom water is associated with fun and thrill.

Having your swim spa is convenient as it needs less maintenance with lesser chemicals needed. They also have a self-cleaning facility. Since they are movable, you can even have them lifted and shifted to your new home’s backyard.

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