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custom packaging boxes

Top 5 hidden facts about the custom box packaging that will help you to understand custom packaging. Box holds secrets, and now it’s time to unveil them. Custom packaging boxes are the best means to differentiate the package you give to family and friends. These cases are a new way to guarantee your things stand. It holds values when it comes to holidays or when there is much packaging, and your items are at the risk of misplacing in the ocean. Custom cases are one of the best means to avoid such scenarios and ensure that the packing you send is exclusive among other boxes.


Here comes the first exciting fact about the personal cases with logos. You must have seen many known brands print their firm logo and name on the box. Why is it so? First, it is vital to know why retailers always go from the custom packing and Logo on the box to bare, brown spices. Besides form other, here are some compelling reasons that make them spend extra bucks on branding a carton for the items:

  • It makes simple for user find out your items easily among others in the sector.
  • You can effectively and quickly showcase technical info on the cases. These data help buyers in their buying decision.
  • The bespoke boxes make the buyer choose your items over others.
  • It can permit you to display other info or pre-order contact data on the box’s outer surface.
  • It also makes it easier for the buyer to find out what they must expect from the item.
  • Custom printing on the box helps the retailer place the things in the right manner.
  • It is promoting your business when someone sees the custom packaging with a logo.


Here are some exciting facts about bespoke pricing and what value it holds in the business. Still, most of your think there is only one way of rating, but the truth is different. If you go for the top-notch cases, you have many printing choices to pick from. It all depends on the goals and needs. You must have seen many leading brands have beautiful and charming designs and patterns. The question here is, are they following the same printing tech? No, they are not; so which one is best for you? Here are some choices which will help you to go for the right pick.

Digital Printing:

  • it is one of the pocket-friendly picks.
  • This tech consists of a full-color pattern directly transfer to the corrugates cases
  • Turnout time is good
  • Best for less volume
  • Best for custom printing
  • Print Flexibility

Flexographic Printing:

  • It is the primary type of custom case printing.
  • Flexographic consists of 1 to 3 shades on logistic boxes.
  • best for logos, images, and simple graphics
  • Not cost-effective, and it is not the best pick for the small volume of the boxes
  • Best for printing large volumes of package and logos
  • Time-consuming

Litho Laminating:

  • It is one of the top-class printing picks
  • Litho adds a luxurious touch to the custom package boxes
  • Consist of high-graphics
  • Maker transfers photorealistic images to the sheet.
  • Cost-effective
  • Also suitable for a non-paper area like, wood, stone, plastic, and others


Now you have learned all the facts about printing and why many firms prefer vases with logos. Here are some exciting points about the cost and time frame of the package.

  • If you’re using only one-shade print on the cardboard box, the process’s cost raises by 10%.
  • With the increased number of shades, the cost will go on the higher side.
  • The top-notch bases with lith-laminates print are one of the most costly packages. Always consider the facts. It adds few bucks to the amount.


Apart from these and designs, another main factor is to look for the box print’s biodegradability. Today people are much more aware of the natural hazards and their link with the packaged stuff. But here is an exciting point for you. Not all packaging stuff is harmful to the planet. Makers always keep these points them mind and make a box that is 100% eco-friendly and follow the 3Rs:

  • Recycle
  • Reuses
  • Reduces

So now many brands take it as their responsibility to uses eco-friendly cases for the items packing. Firms, therefore, ensure the user that they are using the right box for the package. So it is the reason that they are picking the paperboard for their boxes. These cardboard boxes are:

  • 100% eco-friendly
  • biodegradable
  • recycle
  • reduces
  • reuses
  • low-carbon footprint

Do you know the beautiful cases that you see in the market are consist of old cardboard sheets?


Now you have learned about nature-friendly stuff for the package, but here comes another point. Do you know how many brands are using eco-friendly inks for printing? The printing sector has also found a non-polluting pick for the custom printing cases. Here they use ink that consists of organic elements like vegetables or says. Among all other choices, soya-ink is one of the best choices that offer the same result as petroleum-based inks. What makes it different from others is its no harmful effect on the eco-system


Here are the last exciting facts about the custom packaging boxes that are the time frame.

  •  Time frame all depends upon the type of printing you pick
  • If you talk about it in general, it is surprising that the custom printing takes less than 5 working days to complete the order.
  • It may take some extra time for complex orders, but it does not mean weeks and weeks.
  • Here the time taking time is the designing the artwork and the Logo. So if you have already made the pattern, then printing is quick and straightforward.


These top 5 interesting facts must have blown your mind. These are a few of them. The custom boxes hold many secrets.

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