Tue. Oct 3rd, 2023

There is no dearth of content in the online sphere about how freelance content writer jobs are getting extremely popular day by day. Interestingly, plenty of online resources are available that try highlighting unique points about content writing. And more often than not they repeat the same thing: associating with any agency, finding gig jobs, registering on content-bidding sites, and you get your gig.  They make it look as though freelancing jobs are the quickest and shortest way to earn boatloads of bucks. If you think this is what all takes to take a freelancing gig, then you may be thinking in the wrong direction.

It comes as no surprise that freelance content writer jobs are quite popular in today’s times for the reason that there is no limitation for students/working professional to take up freelancing gigs. However, carving out a niche for oneself in such a competition is no child’s play. Gaining prowess as a successful writer and earning loads of money is no mean feat.  It takes gruesome hard work and unique skill sets to attain a desirable level. Here, we have listed below strategies that can help you define your objectives in a much better way.

Find your niche

You might have heard this phrase more often than not, but it is high time that you should have implemented it in your career. Chuck the idea of acceding to whatever the client requests because it will not help in establishing your forte. Keep in mind that you cannot write about anything under the sun because it will lead you to research more than write, and clients will never pay for the painstaking research that went into creating the content. They just pay for the words imprinted on a document. By finding your niche, you can focus on the key areas that are of interest to you and will help you get better returns in your freelance content writing jobs.

Build a Website

It doesn’t mean that you should hire an expensive designer or developer to create a website.  Take some time and invest it in developing a website from scratch using WordPress.  For reference, take a good look at the other freelancers’ sites and borrow some inputs from there. You may want to adorn it with beautiful design elements but first, it should serve your business purpose. Moreover, your site design should explain everything about Freelance Content Writing Jobs, including your skill sets and portfolio. Also, refrain from mentioning pricing details on the website. Leave it to the one who will decide pricing based on your skills, capabilities, and the industry norms.


Showcase your Samples

If your domain is real estate, then you should be publishing samples related to that only. Think of publishing it on your Medium and LinkedIn accounts in addition to the website’s portfolio section. You can also submit it to third party sites for interlinking purposes- it will add to the credibility and appeal of your content.

Pitch it up!

Gather as many eyeballs as you can and make your presence felt to as many people as you can. And for that to happen, you should send personal emails to companies and individuals related to your domain. This step entails vigorous background research from your end so as to ensure that you are sending emails to the right concerned person.  Be ready with your elevator pitch that speaks volumes about your credibility as a writer. In addition to that, always be prepared with your business card and energetic pitch whenever the situation calls for it. Also, ensure that you never miss any meeting that can work wonders for your business and become a part of local networking communities for staying in touch with like-minded peers.

Finally, understand that best freelance content writer jobs are not like traditional 9-5 jobs. There are various uncertainties and unseen factors that make it thrilling and intensive in nature. You should always set realistic expectations for yourselves. Remember that it takes too much effort in building a strong reputation and it requires ardent dedication at your end.

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