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Everyone loves to travel and visit different cities while some want to simply settle at one place. Whatever the choice might be moving becomes extremely necessary.

Speaking of moving and choices one needs to understand that the process of moving in the own city, process of moving to another city and process of moving to another country are completely different. Yet for all the three different process hiring moving companies for all the three remains the same.

Now if we look at moving in Asian countries, Local shifting and Domestic Relocation are the most popular. Hence to understand both the terms deeper this article will help you through it. It will also make sure you understand the expenses and other factors involved in it in order for you to make the right plan to move.

Understanding Local Shifting

As the term itself suggests local shifting is nothing but moving within your city. This process is much easier and requires very little planning. Moreover, you goods will also be moving to a very short distance which saves you a lot of time. For e.g: If you are staying in Kochi, you can hire packers and Movers in Kochi offering services inside the city.

Steps to ensure smooth local shifting:

  1. Sort out your belongings. Keep only the necessary and remove the unwanted.
  2. Book a moving company or relocation company
  3. Make sure you pack an overnight bag.
  4. Clean the house and make sure you are prepared with necessary furniture and appliances.
  5. Plan a utility re-connection and disconnection
  6. Mark and schedule a perfect moving day.
  7. Change your addresses in important documents.
  8. Know your new neighbors.

Domestic Relocation

Domestic relocation is nothing but inter-city moving. This involves shifting for a long distance. Hence it takes a lot more plan and time. Moreover, you have to make sure that you have the right relocation companies with you so you can hire someone for the perfect relocation.

Necessary steps for perfect inter-city relocation:

  1. Create a checklist of tasks to be done.
  2. Declutter your items.
  3. Compare attest 3 moving companies and choose the one that suits your needs.
  4. Pack an essential kit.
  5. Note down the goods you are moving once packed.
  6. Get down to call a pre move survey to get the exact price.
  7. Hire a relocation service provider which is most relavent.
  8. Always remember to disconnect and reconnect utilities.
  9. Update your address in important places and documents.
  10. Be prepared for the relocation company before the arrive.

Difference in time required to move

Local Shifting Domestic Relocation
Minimal planning. Therefore, takes only 1-2 days to plan. Need to plan a month before.
Packing to unpacking can be done in a day. Depending upon the goods packing and unpacking can take 2-3 days.
As it is the same city it will be easy to settle comparatively. Since it is a different state settling will take more time.


Moving and adjusting to a new place can be harder than it actually seems to be. Hence, burden yourself less and make a list of relocation companies or moving companies and choose a best one to help you with the smooth travelling.


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