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Instagram advertising has a great feature to marketize the product and services through Instagram stories for business. After Facebook bought Instagram, the platform kept rolling out exciting features and has continuously been growing ever since. If you are one of Instagram’s one billion monthly users, you may have noticed a bar at the top of your feed. The bar is for stories! Everyone who you follow can share stories. Whenever there is something new, there will appear a colorful photo surrounded by the profile picture.

Instagram stories are similar to Snapchat stories because both can’t be seen when 24 hours have elapsed. If you are going to advertise on Instagram, you may have heard the word “Algorithm”  – Instagram’s algorithm is an automated process that Instagram uses to show in a user’s post. How Instagram stories fit into all this and how you use it for promoting the brand. There are hundreds of questions that float around these stories.

So, without further ado, let’s learn it step by step.

How Instagram Stories Work

Before we walk through the top benefits of Instagram, let’s learn how Instagram stories work. A user can either post a photo or video as their story. A photo will last for five seconds while a video will stay for as long as 15 seconds. The content of the story vanishes after 24 hours. However, a user who posted it can delete it before the set duration reaches.  However, the content should be taken from the Instagram camera, or you will be given a choice to upload from your camera roll only if they have been on camera roll for less than 24 hours.

Instagram stories do not follow the same capabilities of a traditional post:

Format of Instagram stories is somewhat different from the Instagram post. You can make stories personalized by adding filters, GIFS, stickers, polls, freehand drawing, and more. There is one great feature of Instagram stories is Boomerang – a short soundless video moves backward and forward on repeat. Finished Boomerang is fun and can spice up the content you post. It is indeed the cool feature by Instagram that keeps the reader content engaged. In case you are a newbie or don’t have a business but wants to use Instagram to promote yourself then worry not. Many millennials who have a talent and want to show it to the world often like to gain Instagram followers. It gives a chance to expand the audience and unleash many opportunities.

Instagram story highlights

Some of you may not like the idea of Instagram stories as they stay active for just 24 hours. But don’t worry, you can make them last longer by an Instagram feature called Instagram story highlights. Have you ever noticed a section above newsfeed and below the bio. These highlights can stay permanently unless you delete them. However,  to use Instagram highlights, you must first use Instagram stories.

To make sure you don’t lose any of your valued stories, you can always turn on Auto-archive”. It automatically saves every story you post on Instagram.

Instagram highlights for your business profile:

Highlights are the first that a user clicks through whenever he or she opens your business profile. So, make sure to add something that represents what is your brand all about – either core characteristics or strengths of the brand.

We recommend unifying all thumbnail images with branded photos. This is indeed an excellent practice since it gives a cohesive and more professional look to your Instagram handle. And make it more appealing to potential customers.

Moreover, a savvy marketer is one who emphasizes on every aspect, including the demographics of the audience. The Instagram marketing strategy should be wisely executed on the exact location of the audience to get a satisfying result. Many businesses like to go for cheap Instagram followers to increase the following in as less time as 15 minutes.

Instagram Live Stream videos:

There is one more feature that brands can utilize with Instagram stories, Yeah! You guessed it right!! It is none other than Instagram live Video. Instagram live video is what it sounds like – a real-time video that your camera records through live stream. Like all Instagram stories except highlights, live streams may last 24 hours in your stories. A live stream is an excellent way to engage with your following as they don’t just see what you are recording but also send messages that appear on screens of all the viewers watching the live feed including you.

However, if you are the one who manages a social media campaign in a budget, you should focus on the core activities that have the potential to bring about huge success. Therefore, when businesses have a restricted budget, they often opt to buy followers Instagram cheap to improve the exposure.

Instagram Stories Insight:

You can conveniently find out whether Instagram stories are bringing about better engagement and followers or not. You can do this with a unique feature called Instagram Stories ads on Facebook Ads Manager.

You can see these insights for your organic Instagram stories too.  It helps you to determine what type of story content your audience wants to see. These insights will inform you about the impression, reach, video metrics, and overall performance. It is an excellent feature as it allows you to analyze which ad is overperforming which. However, if you have a business profile, you will have direct access to seeing insights to your Instagram profile.

With over a billion active users of Instagram, you can’t think to miss out a broad audience there. Instagram has a huge tendency to convert a single follower to a high paying customer. Many firms based in the united kingdom like to buy real Instagram followers to find out the potential customers for their business.

Comparison of Instagram stories and Instagram algorithm:

You might have been convinced that Instagram stories are the key players to make your business boom. Since Instagram algorithm continuously evolves after every other day and new updates roll out to make it tough for marketers to go for shortcuts. In 2018 Instagram algorithm changed and started showing the content that the user is more likely to see, instead, showing posts chronologically. The recent updates are prioritizing the engagement. A post with more engagements sends a signal to Instagram algorithm that post is credible enough, so Instagram gives it more reach.

How to get more engagement on Instagram stories:

The Instagram engagement has become the name of the game when it comes to promoting the brand. However, if you are a new user, you may be wondering how I’ll improve the account when there is low engagement. Well, Instagram stories are highly advantageous for you in this regard. The more users interact or see your stories; more significant are the chances that your post will show up to their feed. So, lets quickly learn some ways to get more engagement through Instagram stories:

Storyboard to create a structure:

Storyboarding Instagram stories by putting time aside make the purpose of the post clear and keep the reader engaged until the end.

Create stories that match brand aesthetics:

Instagram stories that look appealing and reflect brand aesthetics are the perfect one. As these stories pay you off when you plan to grow the audience.

Stories should resonate with the audience:

Finding out what sort of content your audience may like to watch helps you out in improving engagement level. Use Instagram analytics to determine what content performs best for your business.

Use hashtags on Instagram stories:

Adding hashtags to stories and posts improve the reach. When people search for a hashtag on Instagram. They will be able to watch your real-time stories on that particular hashtag page.

Schedule Instagram stories in advance:

Scheduling Instagram stories meaning you are planning for the real triumph. It gives you a wonderful opportunity of not missing a chance boosting audience view.

Use UGC for stories

User-generated content is the best way to fill up your feeds effectively. A recent survey suggests UGC is fifty percent more trustworthy content than any other type of content.

Be creative with animation:

To stand out, you must be creative with animation. There are tons of apps and tools for animation that help you out in spicing up your content.

Add appropriate links to Instagram stories:

An Instagram account which is either verified or have 10,000 plus followers can add a relevant link to their stories. The process of adding a link is simple; all you need is to click on “LINK ICON” and copy the link of the website you want to add into your story. Copy the link, paste it into the link field, and that’s it. Since IG stories are visible for a day or 24 hours, it is best to put links for one-off promotion or offers that are limited time only. With the ever-increasing demand for social media, businesses leave no stone unturned to improve their social presence. They pick and test different strategies to get more following and sometimes more inclined to buy Instagram followers Australia to have a quick boost of following.



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