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Claiming to give an instant perfect and glowing skin, the Inelz glow skin technique is becoming a popular trend in the beauty industry. It has created its standard. It gives you flawless skin that is possible through an advanced technology born in Korea few years ago. This skin treatment technology is effective and safe and without any need of heavy surgery. It is in fact done at-your home with a simple microneedling Pen.

What is Inelz Glow?

Inelz glow is a skin treatment procedure in which tinted serum is applied with a microneedling pen’s help. The technology used is very simple: the serum is applied by penetrating the first layer of the skin with the microneedle’s help, ensuring the rapid release of pigments contained in it. Due to the use of microneedles, the treatment also stimulates the production of natural collagen, and skin rejuvenation occurs in where Inelz glow serum provides nutrients and ensures your desired skin color and coverage.

It is designed in such a way that it helps to instantly improve your skin. After the first session, significant visible improvements will appear. The applied serum will be working for two weeks after the treatment. The more treatments you do, the higher the longevity of the serum will be. The anti-aging benefits will be apparent in the next week.

Your skin will be rejuvenating naturally after the microneedling treatment. Several improvements will be noticed –

  • Your skin will turn into brighter and more radiant.
  • The skin tone will be more regular than before.
  • Your skin will have fewer freckles.
  • Discolorations in the skin will disappear.

Advantages of Inelz glow treatment:

This treatment procedure will give you a skin that seems like a  skin with semi-permanent foundation though without having an additional foundation. It will be the most advantageous procedure for them who are struggling with the problem of acne scars. While laser treatments give you a long term benefits on scars, Inelz Glow gives an instant blur effect. The treatment will cover the pigmentation of the skin almost permanently. That will help you to boost up your confidence level.

The treatment will also work as a powerful anti-aging therapy by increasing natural collagen production. Collagen is a protein found in the human body that provides the skin elasticity¸ structure and vibrancy. The amount of collagen protein production in the body is decreased over the age. This decrease of collagen protein leads to skin wrinkle formation, loss of skin firmness, and skin elasticity loss. So the availability of collagen protein in our body will help to overcome these skin related problems. After the Inelz glow treatment, stimulation of collagen protein production occurs. In this treatment method, the applied serum helps to nourish the skin.

Young woman with marks on face before eyebrow permanent makeup procedure, closeup

Any adverse reaction you may face:

Depending on the skin sensitivity, ¸ mild redness may appear in the skin. But the redness subsides quickly.

After the procedure, it is prohibited to wear any makeup in the skin for the day. One should avoid any strenuous exercise that causes excessive sweating. One should avoid direct sunlight after the appointment for a few days.

How long does Inelz Glow last?

Inelz glow treatment is like an almost semi-permanent makeup. It will be lasting nearly 5-6 months with proper treatment and appropriate skin care. With various treatment process, the result will last longer, and we advise three to six treatments in total.

Will Inelz glow clog your pores?

There is no chance of clogging the pores due to the fact that Inelz glow is composed of modified and organic form of traditional makeup. The use of Inez glow serum is beneficial for the skin and formulated so that the transparent color is natural and free of harmful ingredients.

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