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Everything is becoming ‘ work from home ‘ in 2020. So why not gaming and all the fun?  Based on that, the online gaming industry and investment are getting better and bigger with every passing day.

What is Online Gaming?  

Online gaming has two major branches. The first one is our Well-known traditional online gaming. Where people can download gaming software on their phone or pc and play in groups with different graphics and all. This surely is fun. But even with bigger audiences, the turnover ain’t that good.  

Then comes the games. It is the sector of online casino, poker, sports betting, and many more. This is not long when traditional casinos started going inside the phone. But with the rapid growth of 135 billion USD per year, any business will try to go global. And nowadays, going online is going global. 

How to Play: 

To bet online, you need to know first if that’s legal in your state. Because if not, you even won’t be able to enter a website. Before that, you’d be in homeland security’s office.  Using a VPN won’t help. Because that’s too old school. But here we come with the solutions. All you need to do is, find a trustworthy TOTO site.  They will be your third party recognition to enter and bet. This gives two-step protection. First, your information is safe from hackers lurking out. Also from the legal department.  This is not against law. But being a global citizen brings you this much.

Once you’re in, find the game that helps your adrenaline rush and start making money. 

Problems You Face: 

Betting is a game of luck. With all the correct calculations and predictions, things still can go wrong. This is why most banks don’t show interest in investing here. They need assurance of every penny and if anything is assured in betting that is a sudden change of luck and money.  

The stake here is high as the desperation of people to be rich. This comes with some problems. Most people don’t have the patience to understand the flow and study and analyze. They’ll drink during the live telecast or streaming and bet on luck. As a result, all their money goes down the sink in no time.

Things until here are fine. But here people try to trick the casinos. They simply call the bank and say these transactions aren’t made by them. Almost always the banks comply with it. This is why most gaming bars do not accept local bank cards, Merchant accounts, and sometimes international’s also to avoid state law conflict.  

Also, the casino is the birthplace of money laundering. Turning black money into legal, mitigating the liquid economy and so much more is linked to this industry that traditional banks won’t take the risk. 

What to Do Now?  

Where there is a problem, there is a solution.  All you need to do is get an online merchant account.  Opening an online merchant account  is easier than bypassing the law and being grounded. After that,  

– Fill a form with your Email, URL of the site you want to play, the annual turnover of the site/ you, and skype ID and you’re done. 

–  They’ll contact you for further verification and after that, you can make transactions as you want.  

Online betting is the fastest way to make money in 2020. You’re going to probably make your first 1000$ overnight. So is the risk. Be careful. This is where you bet on your potential. So better to put trust on a site that can take the risk and value the money. 

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