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For many years online gambling has been growing in India as smartphones have become more affordable and Internet access more common. The positive increase in gambling can be attributed to the online gambling operators also developing attractive incentives such as no deposit bonuses for new players. 

A no deposit bonus is a tool developed by the online gambling operators to gain new customers by giving them free money or something commonly referred to as free spins after having registered a player account on the online gambling operators website. 

The no deposit bonus promotions of the online casinos have proved to be very popular and effectful to grow the player numbers in India for the online gambling industry. The no deposit bonuses promoted by the Indian online casinos have even sparked a new industry within the Indian online casino market where websites review the different no deposit bonuses. 

These no deposit bonus review websites have been welcomed very positively by the Indian gamblers community.

Once inside the online casinos using the free player accounts the Indian gamblers have shown that their love for classic casino table games is very strong. The online casinos in India have reported that their most played casino games are roulette, slot machines and blackjack. The game that is the clear top game in India is maybe not so surprisingly blackjack. 

Online blackjack is not only the top casino game in India but also the top casino game in many other countries such as Germany, Sweden and The Netherlands. The particular type of blackjack which has shown very popular in the Indian online casino market is live blackjack. 

Playing blackjack in a live setting is something that is still quite new to the online blackjack world in India and specially live blackjack featuring native Indian live casino dealers. The thing that has also propelled blackjack even further is that live blackjack game play is possible from even some of the most basic smartphones and that there is no longer any need for a high speed internet connection thanks to advanced video streaming compression technology. 

There are now many live blackjack game tournaments in India with sometimes several thousand blackjack players joining the tournaments. Sometimes there are almost daily blackjack tournaments with great price money for the very best blackjack players. 

Through educational youtube videos and many well made gambling guides more Indian people have learned the basic rules of blackjack and been swallowed by the fast developing blackjack industry in India. Many of the well made how to guides for blackjack have been made by the online casino operators also offering blackjack game play and very intelligently they reference their own blackjack games in the blackjack guides. 

We are convinced that blackjack will continue to see fast growth in India together with the very popular online gambling promotion of no deposit bonuses.

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