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What do you see first when you visit an Instagram profile? Exactly, the profile! What is the trailer for a movie is the bio for your Instagram profile. It is a first insight into what the visitor can expect on your profile. Here you can quickly see whether it is the profile you are looking for. Instagram Bio offers you the opportunity to briefly and succinctly explain who you are, what your site is about and what visitors can expect. If the user has not specifically searched for you, he should ideally be able to see at a glance whether you may have common interests and whether it is worth taking a closer look at your profile. We have put together the best Instagram bio tips for you this year.

As with a business card, your options are limited, because Instagram only allows max. 150 characters in the bio. Therefore, you need to think carefully about what information you think is important. However, you can use emojis, hashtags and special characters to personalize your profile. As inspiration for your bio, we have put together six different Instagram bio ideas for you here. Bold, italics and other formatting of the font are unfortunately not possible and no links can be inserted directly into the profile field. However, you can create an Instagram bio font using apps and websitesuse. If you want, you can also insert a quote or a saying and thus make your bio something special. You can find ideas for Instagram organic sayings in our guide.

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At a glance: What your Instagram profile should definitely contain

Explain briefly and simply what the users can expect on your profile and what makes your profile special

You can also inform your followers about opening hours and add your contact information (such as telephone number, email address and address)

Present your brand and personality and adapt your voice and style to your website and other social media platforms

Let your followers (eg with the help of a link ) point to your website, latest products or services

Add the hashtag for your brand here and call the followers on it to mark you or your company: “Tag us #companyname” This is also a good way to collect (and then share) feedback.

Instagram hashtags are also  great for drawing your target group’s attention to your profile and profile . For example, use hashtags such as #Marketing, #Travel and #Mom to clearly show what the profile is about. Moreover, hashtags helps to get more Instagram Likes.

Always keep the organic up to date

You can always edit and update your profile. Under “Edit Profile” you can make changes to your profile picture, your real name and user name, the website and the Bio as well as your private information (email address and telephone number) at any time. You can also change your profile to a business profile in the settings.

If you have aroused the interest of users with your profile and seemingly found what you were looking for, the probability increases that they will also leave a few likes on your page and follow your profile. So a good bio is a great way to generate more likes on Instagram and gain more followers.

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Setting up a new profile on Instagram is easy. As I have explained, you just have to update the required field with your data in a well-represented way to make it attractive. Choosing compelling bio and uploading an attractive profile picture for Instagram are the ultimate major ways to set up profile.

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