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This guide is aimed at all those who want to know why you shouldn’t buy followers on Instagram.
Probably after a google search, you will have seen types of ads like these: “Starting from $ 4 for 500 followers” or “100% real Instagram followers” or more “Buy Instagram follower | Authentic followers are fast. ”

If you are looking to increase your followers on Instagram these ads can seem tempting.

But don’t believe him.

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Likewise, don’t be tempted by ads that try to sell you likes on Instagram. They will not give you any long-term benefits and may even damage your account reputation.

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There are some really good reasons why you shouldn’t buy Instagram followers and we at Alta Visibility have seven of them:

1. The followers you buy don’t interact with your account

More often than you think, the followers you buy are not real people but are fake accounts created by bots.

This fact is particularly important for anyone who wants to increase visibility on Instagram. Before choosing who to work with, any brand carefully studies and analyzes the validity of its candidates.

Anyone who wants to be considered an influencer must influence the behavior of his followers but if his followers do not interact, he is not influencing anyone at all.

Some obvious peculiarities of a false follower are:

• empty profiles without a profile picture;
• few or no shared images;
• a general lack of intelligent interaction.

Many of these fake accounts will also follow substantially more people than they do.

2. Buying followers on Instagram has a negative effect on your engagement

It is not difficult to identify accounts that have lower engagement than other accounts.

On average the engagement varies based on the number of followers and to make an estimate we can say that:

• With less than 1,000 followers on average, the engagement will be around 8%;
• 4% engagement between 1,000 and 10,000 followers;
• 2.4% engagement for 10,000 – 100,000 followers;
• 1.8% engagement between 100,000 and 1 million followers;
• Above 1 million average follower engagement of 1.7%;

These numbers are only averages but we reported them to you because you should look suspiciously at all accounts that have a level of engagement that differ from these averages by a considerable margin.

This includes cases where engagement seems too high.

If you buy likes on Instagram, you can push your statistics out of an acceptable range and thus make your account questionable.

Another way to spot a fake engagement is to compare the relationship between likes and comments on photos. Even if there are not necessarily “close” relationships between likes and comments, if you see many likes but few comments on a series of posts, then the Instagrammer has probably bought likes.

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3. Buying followers puts you at risk for spam

If you provided your email address when you purchased followers, you are offering these people the opportunity to spread spam on your profile.

Usually, these services do not care much about people’s privacy and may give your personal information to third parties.

So also, for this reason, we of High Visibility, we do not recommend buying followers or likes.

4. Instagram recognizes and eliminates fake followers

Instagram, like other social networks, wants their members to have a pleasant user experience.

Therefore, it takes a lot of effort to find and eliminate fake accounts.

Instagram, on a fairly regular basis, starts looking for fake profiles. By now they have gained considerable experience in the search for fake accounts and they perfectly know what are the signs to pay attention to.

Those who buy followers on Instagram may also think they have not paid much, but it will surely be too much if then these followers will disappear shortly after buying them.

5. Buying followers on Instagram is against Instagram’s Terms of Service

Instagram tries to actively discourage people who buy followers.

Not only by eliminating false followers, but also reserving the right to suspend the accounts involved in this practice.

Despite everything, Instagram always tries to give a second chance, and for this reason it may warn you before they suspend your account following dishonest practices.

But better not to risk …

6. Buying followers on Instagram destroys your credibility


If you need to resort to buying followers, you are certainly not a true influencer.

This is certainly the way of thinking of the various brands that may potentially want to collaborate with you.

True influencers build their following organically.

Of course, it will take some time.

But taking shortcuts won’t make you gain anything, on the contrary …

As we have already said, there are very clear metrics to identify authentic accounts. If your level of involvement is far above or well below these averages, people will doubt your true worth.

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