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Female Gamers

In this era, there are some interesting e-sport aspects which you should know. The video game is now not only dominated by the male people, but also the female gamers.

Those are ranging from the professional gaming which can be seen from various female e-sport teams in so many titles. Sometimes they do a streaming as well.

They are really adore this industry. Talking about the stream game or electronic sport like that, you cannot deny that usually the women don’t have the special preferences.

In the other words, they just follow the trend and mainstream things around. However, they are attracted to some interesting e-sport aspects which are different to the men’s.

A Research Made for that Thing

From a research released by the quantic foundry, a firm which focused on the game industrial analysis, the data was found. They collected from 250,000 gamers who followed the survey.

That survey was done for 5 minutes long to know what are their motivation while playing and the interesting e-sport aspects. It was also made to compare them with the other players our there.

As the result, there are 3 different factors that dominate the interest of the female players from total 12 aspects. This finding is really interesting to be known and as a new information.

The Interesting E-Sport Aspects Liked by Women

Esporst is a game race between individuals or groups in getting the championship. Contested games can be on a computer or on a mobile smartphone which has certain specs.

As it is stated before that there are 3 different factors or aspects due to the e-sport love by the women. What are those things? Here is the complete information.

  1. Completion

The first is completion or how they can finish a journey and the whole mission. It is included the experience to get the achievementS which are available in a game.

That is also about the collectible or a motivation. In fact, women are really love this kind of feeling when they have to play. It becomes a great aim that they want to reach every day.

2. Fantasy

This is actually the second slot gambling recommendation via pulse liked by the female players. It is about the sensation where they are able to be another person at a different place.

Imagination plays an important role for this case. Since it is so lovely for them, usually they will choose a character which They love and have the special ability as well.

3 . Design

In this case, we are talking about the visual aspect. It is a moment where they select everything based on the character design up the the environment appearance in that game.

When it looks beautiful, colorful, of mesmerizing, they are going to love it all the way. It is because a woman always love something which is beautiful to look at.

Those three factors have been covering almost half of the player who are taking a part in the survey. If it is counted, it is for about 47.7 percent.

The Less Interesting E-Sport Aspects Loved by a Woman

That becomes another question which needs to be answered. From that survey result, it can be known that there are some less attracting factors loved by the female gamers.

The first one is the challenge which pushes the player to finish the difficult duty in the game. It is like an excitement , but in the different way. How is that possible?

It is because the the game is increasing the adrenaline and tension when someone is playing it. Another factor which is not liked is about the power.

This game needs or show – off the power which is too much. In fact, this factor is not liked by the women even in the virtual or real world.

How about the interesting e-sport aspects for the men? Still from the same survey, it notes that the male players are quite balanced and they love almost the whole things.

However, you cannot deny that several factors are still dominating for this case. It means that they may like it more than the other ones and it is quite great to look at.

The Interesting E-Sport Aspects Loved by the Men

Psychologically, men and women are different. That can be seen from how they play and enjoy the modern gaming at the present time. From the male point of view, there are some aspects that they adore more than the others. What are these things? You can read it from the explanation below.

  1. Competition

The first interesting e-sport aspects are for sure a completion. It is easy to find this in every game that you can play at the present time, especially for the online types.

Men are the creatures who always want to be the best in everything that they do. That is why; competition and win it are something that they really like for pulse slot deposit.

2. Destruction

The second one is called destruction which is not really fun to hear and do. However, the male gamers see it as something which is so great and satisfying in a game.

Destruction is included the action, explosion, messiness, and something like that. Seeing these destruction in an e-sport will be really satisfying.

3. Completion

It is one of the interesting pulse slot aspects which are loved by the men. Furthermore, it is also the same aspect which is owned by both; men and women. Completing a game perfectly is becoming a huge motivation which has the smallest risk.

Furthermore, it also has the highest reward for the players. When we hear about this modern gaming, we are no stranger to many players competing. It was the Professional Player commonly abbreviated as Pro-Player in this industry.

They are the same as other sports players, salaried, facilitated and practiced according to the direction of the coach. The different thing is that they are closely related to the technology.

The great thing is that about the rewards or presents which are really huge. That becomes one of the info about pulse slot deposit e-sport aspects and why it is getting really popular right now.

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