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Gal Gadot, Natalie Portman, Bar Rafaeli. Those are just some famous Israeli-born celebrities that have made it in the distinct celebrity world, a world where one of the biggest goals is to be a household name. However, as all of them and many more will probably tell you, that task is not an easy feat.

One person who has had personal experience of carving his own success story is an Israeli model, Shon Balaish. From a very young age, Shon Balaish had a goal with his mind was set on the fashion and glamor world. He would put in rigorous hard work, resilience, and commitment to the craft; however, he saw fit. Currently represented by Major Models Milan, Balaish worked his way into the world of fashion with his unique style and physical features. A world of a plethora of talented people with promising features, physiques, and talents, Balaish has become a young icon inspiring fellow youngsters around the world. Not only did he make waves when he first started modeling, but through the intensity of his pursuits, he was also able to graduate with Honors with a law degree.

From the humble beginnings of being discovered as a model while shopping for clothes at a mall, Baldish has gone on to become an international fashion model, working with Armani and appearing on the cover of Marie Claire, Men’s Fashion, and MUSE; becoming a TV presenter of food, lifestyle, and travel shows; a producer for parties and events; a jurist in his academic education; and a social media influencer. Baldish is the epitome of a constantly on the hustle and trying to use his influence to inspire others.

With his experience in the fashion world, he decided to take on the fashion world from a different perspective to become a fashion blogger and start his own fashion brand, SB Fashion. Through his personality, entrepreneurship, and fashion brand, he hopes to be an iconic figure and an inspiration for young boys, girls, and ambitious models interested in the Israeli beauty and fashion industry. 

He has previously lived in Asia for about two years. He modeled and worked with the international fashion channel Fashion TV and produced luxury events and parties worldwide. He wants to influence teens that when they put their minds to something, they can achieve it. Baldish did not just get everything handed to him. He had to work to be in the position he is in today and continue to work and inspire others.

To know more about Shon Balaish, follow him on Instagram @Shonbalaishofficial and check out SB Fashion at www.shonbalaish.com

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