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 Diamond jewelry has a special role in a woman’s life. It represents a touch of luxury and is an everyday little treasure that reveals the personality of the wearer. At the same time, it can be full of hidden symbolism or a reminder of important moments. For many women, their first piece of diamond jewelry is an engagement ring but it would be a big shame if it was also the last. But this important piece of jewelry quite often awakens the desire to buy some other pieces which would complement it well so let’s look at some diamond jewelry that could become a staple in your jewelry box and whose sparkle will never fade.

Timeless diamond studs

If we were to name only one set of earrings that are truly indispensable, then it’s simple diamond studs. They have the incredible ability to accentuate a woman’s natural beauty, regardless of her age, eye color or personal style. You can also wear tiny diamonds as general piercings or in a second ear piercing.

Diamond hoops

When you combine classic gold hoops with sparkling diamonds, it can’t end up as anything but fantastic. Wear them everyday as well as on more formal occasions. In short, they’re the kind of jewelry that you can always rely on. If you prefer more striking accessories, go for larger hoops that no one will miss.

A diamond eternity ring

 A good example of the fact that diamond jewelry can take us through different stages in life is the eternity ring. It consists of smaller diamonds set one next to the other all the way around the circumference of the ring. Eternity means forever, which tells us that this ring is a symbol of never ending love and the resilience of a relationship. This ring was introduced by De Beers in the 1960s as a fitting gift for a woman on a wedding anniversary, but it has since become a stylish fashion accessory for every occasion. Women often also buy it for themselves as a reward for success or just to make themselves happy. business

A diamond bracelet

If you love bracelets, you should have at least one with a diamond in your collection. Choose one that matches your personality. Delicate chain bracelets with a single diamond or a pendant with smaller diamonds can be worn by themselves, but they also mix and match well. For a relaxed boho look, don’t be afraid to mix gold chain bracelets with fabric or mineral ones. A luxurious option is a tennis bracelet with diamonds. This is a very elegant type of bracelet that is set with diamonds all the way around. It looks sophisticated in any situation and will become a great accessory for evening dresses as well as sporty outfits.

A minimalist gold necklace with a diamond

 A perfect example of minimalism is a chain necklace with a single diamond attached. It’s a must-have for those who love bold earrings but don’t want their cleavage to go unnoticed either. The great advantage of this necklace is its ability to suit all types of necklines. It’s usually shorter in length so there is no danger of it hiding under a T-shirt where its beauty might remain invisible.

How to wear and combine diamond jewelry

Not just the choice of jewelry itself, but also the way you wear it will express your style and personality. Allow yourself to be unique and not bound by the rules if you don’t agree with them. What’s more, current trends favor mixing and layering, so you really have a free hand when it comes to styling the jewelry. Nowadays it’s not even taboo to combine chunkier jewelry with more delicate pieces. Get inspired by the range of handmade jewelry from the KLENOTA jewelry studio and start building your own collection. You’ll find simple elegant pieces as well as various special pieces such as diamonds in a marquise cut and color diamonds.





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