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Blockchain! Emerged as a phenomenon when nobody was expecting that to happen and it was unbelievable how it could do what never happened and is next to impossible. But then suddenly in 2008, people started talking about it. Satoshi Natamoko invented Bitcoin this year and introduced everyone to the digital currency and the world of blockchain adding the first block. It is not easy to understand the technology like asking to do my essay for me UK but Satoshi did understand it and introduced it to the world. The world can now do transactions without the traditional banking system or you could say there was no intervention of any banking authorities in the payments and transactions in this digital currency world.

But what about the creator? The identity of Satoshi is unknown to this date and we don’t actually know if they are a group or just a single person. People don’t get convinced at the thought of being a single person because of how complex all this is to create for one person. Every block in the blockchain has a unique fingerprint, it can’t be mismanaged.

In this blog, we are going to talk about the potential of this disruptive and kind of revolutionary digital platform and its benefits.

The industries where blockchain technology can excel:
Industries and organizations are using blockchain technology to make digital currency as it makes transparent transactions that are recorded through complex algorithms and encryptions. Through digital currency, the reach of industries gets higher if an area is underdeveloped and its people don’t go for a normal banking system, they can also buy and sell without the bank factor.

The following are the industries in which blockchain applies, and what will be the future development of these industries:

  • Finance:

In the financial industry, transfers are very high, they can be recorded which will make it easy for them to keep themselves updated and have a whole dimension where everything is their outflow and inflow of cash for their convenience. Banks can make smart contracts that can be used for IP rights licensing, goods delivered or services rendered payments, and much more.

  • Networking and cybersecurity:

Cybercrimes are on the rise including snatching data and other huge losses for businesses which will negatively affect them. Due centralized storage medium that all the companies use makes it easy for hackers to attack it at a certain point. Blockchain can prevent these attacks as well as the DDOS attack a case of service denial.

  • IOT (internet of things):

The Internet of Things is very diverse and it is not very efficient in not disclosing. Conveniently connecting distributed networks of devices and removing the inconvenience of centralized locations could result in interruption of communication management or diverse activities like error handling, software upgrades, etc.

  • Cloud storage:

Cloud storage is at a higher risk of errors like human error, data loss, and hacking becomes easy because of its insecurity but blockchain technology uses multiple nodes to store the data on a decentralized network so it becomes secure and next to impossible to access it.

The most important benefits of blockchain technology:

Just like a student getting benefits from write my dissertation UK services businesses and industries also get benefits from blockchain technology which provides them everything. Having a unique fingerprint that can be traced and the transparency of blockchain are just two of the ultimate benefits but the following are the important benefits that businesses and industries all around the world will get:

  1. Security enhancement:

Blockchain creates end-to-end encrypted data that can’t be accessed by an outer force and it can’t be altered. It prevents cybercriminals from getting the data and all the unauthorized activity.

  1. Greater transparency:

With its separate database for each organization, every transaction is visible and transparent among the participants which builds trust. They can evacuate any fraud by accessing the history of visible transactions.

  1. Instant traceability:

Through blockchain’s audit trail, the assets become traceable, giving each and every detail of it provided to the asset owner. It can be used as proof if any immaculate thing happens which can later on be used to report any misconduct. The customers can see the product and its whereabouts. It can also expose the weaknesses of supply chains having stocks that are sitting on a loading dock.

  1. Speed and increased efficiency:

Blockchain has made everything convenient and easier, the traditional way of paperwork and signatures, etc. takes a lot of time and it is not something perfect, there could be a human error that you won’t be able to detect and it might affect you. Blockchain technology can do everything, from agreements to transactions this all will be done without any of these long procedures saving a lot of your time.

  1. Automation:

In the process of automation, you won’t need any third-party intervention to complete documentation. This speeds up the process and automatically gives an indication that go ahead after the conditions are met for the transaction.


Blockchain emerged as a revolutionary innovation in the world. Before that, the world was developing at a fast pace but with the technology and all the development, there came the consequences. The businesses that were excelling and the industries that were doing phenomenally and going further in the future started getting robbed and hacked and were losing their assets but there was nothing that could prevent that. Since blockchain technology came it became easier for them to control and be safe with their data and reputation.

By Hassan

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