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IObit Screen Recorder

With the rise in the online gaming community, gamers are trying to find a stable and prolific desktop screen recorder. High-quality screen recorders didn’t get restricted only to gamers, but they became mandatory to the teachers, students, and different recruitment professionals as well. So, this is a short and quick review of the best free screen recorder that goes by name of the IObit online screen recorder.

IObit is a simple, free, and easy-to-use online screen recorder that includes a video editor. It provides the user with the flexibility to record high-quality videos, including a full-screen capture, a selected region or a particular window, audio recording through speakers and mics, etc. This helps to record webinars, videotapes, seminars, lectures, video conferences, etc.

By showing the cursor and using animations, you can easily incorporate the effects of mouse clicks. Also, while you log, you can simply take screenshots. However, for record time there is no limit, and neither is a watermark on the videos. Without a time limit, you can easily record videos.

A simple or basic video editor is provided by the IObit online screen recorder to cut, adjust and break the captured video. Although the GPU hardware acceleration is a light screen recorder it also offers a reliable and powerful video editing technology. Finally, online channels can be shared such as Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, Twitch.

Main Features Of IObit Screen Recorder

IObit screen recorder provides a lot of cutting-edge features. We will be talking about the best features that the IObit screen recorder provides:

  • Screen Record With Clear Audio

Easy screen recording and audio compatibility can be experienced. All your speaker’s tones, insider backgrounds, and minuscule microphones are captured in full. It records everything from audio to a picture.

  • Screen Capture Flexibility

To start recording, select the screen area. A small dialogue box can be selected from the entire show. It supports several shows simultaneously. Each minute of details can be easily captured.

  • Screenshot Feature

Parallel as well as equivalent are both static and dynamic. IObit free screen recorder also overcome technological obstacles between capturing and recording audio and video screens at the same time.

  • Reduced Lag While HD Recording

Average CPU use is achieved by the IObit online screen recorder of 8 percent. This allows your videos to be recorded smoothly.


  • Multiple Output Format


It attempts to meet multiple output requirements. Almost 12 output formats can be saved and converted to other formats. Even other popular devices, from your iPhone to your old MP4 player are compatible.


  • Edit After Recording


Instead of standard recordings, a great recording screen has much more to do. The IObit free screen recorder provides several main edit features that have nearly no barrier. Even a single frame, regardless of audio or video clip, is controlled by a person.


  • Save Videos Legally


The versatility of recording video at the maximum 4K and lag technique is enabled with the program. Save your video in your selected private space legally by using IObit free screen recorder.


  • Video Transferring


IObit online screen recorder is the one-stop incompatibility solution. It supports 17 mainstream formats that aid unrestricted and manual transfers. Furthermore, any format and source videos are supported and can be read easily on the computer.


So, the IObit screen recorder is your perfect one-stop solution for advanced screen recording requirements.

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