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IT Company Cisco. It is very popular among network professionals, as it is practically a prerequisite for acceptance for many IT companies around the world, and companies use the Cisco CCNA certification to vet out candidates. Thus, getting this certification is essential to success in the IT world.

Those who obtain this certification see an exponential increase in the growth of their careers. The companies that hire these professionals getting better output. And thus it is mutually beneficial. This Cisco certification is a base certification. Is a great place to start your networking career, and choose your specializations and consequently, higher-level certifications.

Career Boost

If you work in the IT domain without obtaining an IT certification, it will slow down the pace of your career. On the other hand, getting an IT certification can help you climb up the success ladder.

The CCNA certification is highly regarded and will give you recognition when you apply for jobs in the networking domain. You will have an edge over those who do not have a certification.

Employers are always looking to hire the most skilled and talented candidates, and a certification will go a long way in proving that you have the technical skill required. Moreover, you will receive better jobs, better roles, higher-paying work with a CCNA certification, allowing you to climb the corporate ladder much faster.

Technical Skills Enhancement 

The process of preparing and obtaining the CCNA certification will build skills and knowledge that will give you an excellent grasp on the core concepts of Cisco networking. Even if you are an experienced IT professional, a certification will build your knowledge base.

This is because the CCNA certification is a base certification, and provides you with a well-rounded knowledge base from where you can choose your specialisations. There are numerous CCNA courses online that can help you prepare for the exam, such as Koenig Solutions, which offers one-on-one training for such certifications by industry professionals.

Increase in Salary

Going for CCNA training is worth it as you will definitely receive a higher salary. This is because you will have increased technical skills, allowing you to do your job better and explore new roles that the certification has made possible.

Due to the high supply of networking professionals in the job market, finding a high-paying job in this sector might be difficult, but getting certified will exponentially increase your chances of getting hired, and getting a better salary.

Globally Recognised

The Cisco CCNA certification is globally recognised and accepted by IT companies around the world. Over the last few years, Cisco has become one of the biggest IT firms in the world, and thus have garnered respect to the point where their certificates are universally accepted as the standard, and most companies not only recognise but look for candidates with a CCNA certification.

IT companies around the world accept this certificate, if you have it, you will be able to negotiate for a higher salary and a better role. The market has seen an explosion in CCNA jobs in the last few years, and thus getting this certification is becoming increasingly important as companies view it as a prerequisite for hiring in order to ensure they get highly skilled employees.

Stepping Stone to Other Certifications 

The CCNA course online is a very important part of your networking career. Once you obtain the CCNA certification, you can obtain numerous other Cisco certification, such as the CCNP, which is a higher-level certification. The CCNA certification is a prerequisite to the CCNA as it filters out the candidates who do not possess the technical skills required to pass the test and reserves the higher-level test for the professionals who have the required experience. The CCNA certification cost is also reasonable, and you will be able to clear the exam on the first try with focused and correct preparation.


Getting the CCNA certification is definitely worth it, as it will be a catalyst for your career, enabling you to get a better, higher-paying job, while enhancing your technical skills and acting as a stepping stone in your career in IT networking. CCNA course fees are very reasonable and are a small price to pay for the benefits you will get in the future.

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