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Are you confused about whether you should buy Sweatshirts in bulk or not? The shortest answer, there is no better time than now to start a sweatshirt business. In all industries, one common thing is “PROFITABILITY.” If there are more chances to earn a good profit, you should get into this. But there is one fundamental rule if you don’t complete your research, your hard-earned money can go to waste.

What is bulk buying of the Sweatshirts?

Bulk buying is a term that we use for buying large quantities in one go. The main aim of this tactic is to get products at a discounted price. If the price is low, you can buy a large quantity, so the probability of profit will be higher.

The industry for the Sweatshirts is rising:

We can see Sweatshirts with slogans, movie dialogues, games, and quotes have increased in the market. However, this trend is profitable for startups and impacts the market positively. As per the grand view research:

“The global industry of Sweatshirts valued at $3.64 in 2020. But it’s expected to grow at 9.7% from 2021 to 2028.

Apart from this, the growing market has made it attractive for new entrants. So, if you want to buy sweatshirts in bulk, it is the right time now.

How is it worth buying Sweatshirts in bulk?

Before the pandemic, the stats weren’t good enough. But during the COVID, the industry witnessed new peaks. According to a survey, Sweatshirts orders spiked to more than 4% of the pre-pandemic numbers. But the business is only profitable if you are buying products in bulk. Here are the main reasons to purchase Sweatshirts in bulk:

It’s cheaper:

You earn profit by raising a gap between the original cost and market price in the business. But if you don’t buy in bulk, then the cost will be higher, and you won’t be able to earn more profit. Thus, it’s good to purchase Sweatshirts in bulk. It makes the purchase affordable and its ideal situation for brands. On average:

“Brands buy on Sweatshirt for around $10 and sell it in $40-$50.”

So, we advise you to check with your supplier and see the minimum numbers for placing a bulk order. But you don’t have to buy in those colors and sizes. Instead, you can draft your plan and talk to the supplier which works best for you.

You can enjoy free shipping:

Shipping cost takes a massive chunk of your budget, and it’s a big deal for startups. Many suppliers offer free shipping when you place an order above the specific numbers. Apart from this, you will have to pay shipping costs if you set small orders. But in bulk orders, you will pay only once, which keeps the balances favorable.

Boost profitability:

The primary aim of businesses is to earn profit. But the real challenge is to lower the operational and production expenses and increase profit. However, the Sweatshirts in bulk will help to achieve this milestone. In a big order, you purchase at less and sell at a high price and earn profit from this gap. Besides, by placing bulk orders, you have a margin of selling Sweatshirts lower than the market price. In this way, more customers will feel attracted, which means more sales would happen.

Always good to have inventory:

The world is dealing with global inflation, which means prices increase daily. So, if you have an inventory, then you can save money. Besides, it’s good to have backup stock because you never know about the courier companies.

Pro tip: Before placing a bulk order, don’t forget to research the market and find the best suppliers. Many trustworthy online marketplaces like, AliExpress, and IndiaMart buy Sweatshirts in bulk. Moreover, you can take the help of a search engine to read the reviews and trends about the market price.

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