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reliable wholesaler for footwear

Are you looking for a footwear wholesaler? You have a fantastic idea to start a shoe business. We have real-life examples where people are making millions by selling shoes. According to the stats:

“The global footwear market will go up to 400 billion dollars in 2025.”

Apart from this, people spend around $76 billion on buying shoes each year in the USA. But the struggle begins when we start finding a wholesaler. So, if you are struggling to find a wholesaler shoe dealer, you aren’t alone in this boat.

How to find a reliable footwear wholesaler? Tips to follow:

The footwear industry is most competitive in today’s market. Here are the following stats that show the supremacy of the footwear industry:

  • As per the “annual report of the world shoe industry,” in 2019, the industry produced 24.3 billion pairs of shoes. So, it’s a record high.

Moreover, it’s vital to know that Asia covers more than 90% of the shoe supply. If we look at the stats, 9 out of 10 shoes are supplied by Asia. But if you are a bulk buyer, then there are specific guidelines that you will have to consider for finding a reliable footwear wholesaler.

Take the help of Google:

When talking about reliable sources to find some reliable footwear wholesalers, we shouldn’t ignore Google. It’s a fine place that has the most organized and integrated information. Moreover, Google is a worldwide platform that is accessible to everyone. There are the top websites that are globally famous for doing footwear wholesaler business:

Global sourcesAlibaba.comMade in China
Ali expresseseBay or find a shoe drop shipperFind liquidated shoe stock in bulk

Above all, hundreds of online reviews help make the buying decision from a particular website. So, before choosing a supplier globally, don’t forget to read the Google reviews for authentication.

Choose large scale establishment:

Select a large-scale business or website if you are looking for new places to buy wholesaler footwear. Usually, large-scale companies like produce items in bulk; that’s why the price is reasonable. Still, don’t ignore the importance of good quality products. You can request samples to check the quality of the footwear.

Collect info & price quotes of wholesaler footwear:

Before making a buy, the decision, don’t forget to collect the vital information. The info about a particular unit includes details about the unit, return policy, and bulk quotation. However, for this purpose, you can directly go to the website to choose the suitable unit for you. Above all, it will be helpful to ask questions and do research about the price from other websites. The wise wholesaler footwear buyer is the one who compares price quotations from different websites. Later, you can choose by reading about policies and prices.

Visit trade shows:

I hope you have heard that personal relationships and networking are everything in business. The trade shows gather famous brands and dealers from all over the world. In this way, the buyer and seller can negotiate face to face and lock the best cost-efficient deals. So, visit trade shows and try to find high-quality footwear at an affordable price.

Take the help of sourcing agents:

If you cannot do anything, you can hire a sourcing agent. In this way, the responsibility will lie on the sourcing agent to bring the best footwear wholesaler deals. But few companies keep sourcing agents to promote their products, and these agents make commissions by doing promotions. Though it’s a great idea to hire a sourcing agent, the quality of the decisions isn’t guaranteed. So, you must do proper research before hiring any individual for business.

Pro tip: Before choosing one dealer, run a security and authenticity check. For instance, you can read online reviews, check through the local network, order samples, and do on-site investigations.

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