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Modern technology has changed the way we meet, date and communicate. Now, there is a new problem arising. Spouses can virtually cheat on each other. Yes, this doesn’t mean that your partner is physically meeting someone behind your back and hooking up with them. No, they are virtually speaking and sending images to each other over the internet.

Nowadays, people are looking for an honest and long-term partnership. How to find such people? These dating sites are full of scams and fake profiles. is the ultimate website for such people who are looking for a serious and long-term relationship.

How should know if your partner is cheating? How do you trust him when he’s hiding his social accounts from you?

Here’s some point in my consideration that might help you identify it:


“I never even met her!” or “She isn’t even real!” are some of the excuses heard by spouses who cheat on their partners online. So, the question follows – Is it cheating?

YES! Whenever your partner is talking to another person romantically or sexually, it opens up the door to cheating. Whenever your partner starts promising the moon and the stars to someone else, which you aren’t, then it is considered cheating.

Some virtual cheating relationships can take it even further, by starting video calls and doing sexually explicit acts over the camera while watching each other. Don’t be fooled, even if your partner never met his online lover he is emotionally or sexually involved – This is cheating!


You have a terrible gut feeling that your boyfriend is cheating on you, online. How do you know if he is cheating on you? You can’t spy on him in the streets. Perhaps his computer has passwords, and wouldn’t that be snooping and going through his stuff?

Here are some tell-tale signs that your boyfriend may be cheating on you – online:

  1. He is constantly online – typing and chatting

Your boyfriend comes back from work and immediately goes to the computer. He switches off from you and starts typing, you even catch him smiling every now and again at his screen. When you ask him what he is smiling about, he might answer with “oh, nothing” or “just something funny”. Not giving you the details or sharing his smile with you can be an indicator of him chatting with someone else.

  1. He is obsessively answering messages

It’s almost as if he is obsessively answering texts and messages on his computer. Usually, he would’ve waited sometime before answering, but he rushes to the laptop to reply immediately.

  1. He has secured and changed all his online passwords

You have a feeling that he is hiding something from you because he has changed his passwords on all his devices. Even if you want to use his phone or computer, he refuses. He is constantly being very secretive and protective over his phone and computer.

  1. You discovered bills and emails about online dating apps

Why would your boyfriend be paying for online dating apps, when he has you? If you found a bill or an email from an online dating app, you should confront him about it.

  1. He locks the door when he is on his computer

He is suspiciously locking the door while being online. You can hear him talking or laughing inside the room, but it’s locked.

Online dating has turned many individuals into cheaters. The options and possibilities to have fun and easy hook-ups have become too tempting.

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