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In 1996, the digital revolution fully impacted the gambling industry and this was the year that finally brought gambling out of the shadows and into the mainstream. It was the year that saw gambling prodreal money casino slotsucts move away from their traditional bases and embrace new platforms that the Internet presented. 1996 saw the introduction of the first online casino and video slot. This experiment proved a major hit with the gambling public and opened the doors to hundreds of online casinos and even more slot games – click to play.  Gambling is still thriving because of these two innovations and new slot sites and slot games are continually being introduced into the gambling arena. 

The early days of online casinos proved to be hazardous for punters as the online slot market expanded rapidly because of huge demand. This new gambling market remained unregulated for many years and many sites could open and operate free from the shackles and the restrictions of strict licensing rules. This meant that these slot sites did not offer punters a fair deal. Many disputes between customers and unscrupulous slot sites fueled discontent in the industry and something had to be done to uphold the image of gambling. The answer was the creation of the UK Gambling Commission and this body was created to license and regulate all gambling products. This commission made it increasingly difficult for dishonest slots casinos to operate within the UK. It also set out criteria that only serious and honest gambling brands were willing to abide by due to the costs involved in upholding the rules set out by the commission. This helped ease the conflicts between customers and casinos and it created an environment where dishonest business practices were no longer acceptable. 

New Technology 

New technological advances created extra challenges for the commission, especially when mobile gaming software was introduced online to meet the popularity of smartphones. Mobile real money casino slots gaming proved very popular with the public.. It made games even more accessible than they already were and punters could take casinos out and about with them. Casinos were already available 24/7 but thanks to mobile gaming software, slots could be played whilst commuting to work or whilst waiting for a bus, or to kill time during work lunch breaks. Last year 15% of gambling revenue came from mobile gaming and some casinos now have more mobile customers than desktop ones. Mobile gaming is especially popular with women and the numbers of females accessing mobile online casino slots sites continues to increase every year. 

Mobile Casino Gaming and Safety 

Obviously, even mobile casinos can only operate with a license from the UK Gambling Commission so they are safe to play at if they carry the commission’s logo. However, different types of safety concerns are now an issue for mobile gamers. Firstly, there is every chance that your mobile device can be stolen and if you are using public Wi Fi, then is the connection really fully secure or are your passwords and banking details being viewed by a third party?

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