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Have you ever wondered how the other half lives when you step into a casino and see the high-rollers entering the VIP lounge? If you go to any casino in Las Vegas, Reno, Atlantic City, or Macau you’ll see casino high-rollers. Casinos love high-rollers and welcome them with open arms and make it worth their while to generously spend their cash.  

To live the lavish life of a high-roller, you’ll need a substantial amount of disposable income to bet and the majority of high-rollers have millions to spare and are known by casinos as “big fish” – but what does it mean to be a 666 Casino high roller? 

Chauffeured in style 

High-rollers not only play in style, but they also arrive in style – and god forbid they have to walk to the next casino on the strip – so they need some decent wheels. A shiny, chauffeured car or limo is part and parcel of the high-roller life or some players choose to arrive by helicopter!  

The Casino Host 

You might have seen casino hosts at casinos and once high-rollers enter the casino they will be met by casino hosts who will be there to cater to their every need. They work tirelessly behind the scenes to make sure everything goes smoothly for the high-rollers so they have the ultimate casino experience and spend as much money as possible.  

The Concierge 

As well as the benefit of the casino host, high-rollers can also have the help of private concierge services and most high-rollers will enter the casino from a private entrance and the concierge will be on hand to be high-rollers go-to for resort and casino information.  

VIP Programmes 

There are plenty of perks high-rollers benefit from including free hotel stays in swanky five-star hotels and sumptuous villas fit for a VIP. Free drinks and meals, as well as numerous other perks such as butler service to their hotel suites, are also common for high-rollers to receive. There are even cash-back programmes for high-rollers who lose large amounts of money, so soften the blow a little.  

There are also many generous VIP Programs offered by casinos that ensure high-rollers are treated like royalty, giving the best of value to its VIP players in the form of cash incentives and rewards. Many VIPs are allocated account managers to ensure they have the ultimate gambling experience, they are the individuals who dish out the weekly rewards and cash prizes to VIPs depending on the amount of money they bet. High-rollers can also use VIP points for betting rather than real cash.  

The good news is you don’t even have to be a high-roller to benefit from these programmes as many casinos have tiered VIP programmes where the higher the tier the better the benefits, but it also gives many other players the opportunity be reap some benefits. They work on a loyalty basis so that the more loyal players are to a particular casino and the more often they play, the higher the VIP rewards are.

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