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Israels Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has said that he fears a new nuclear deal will enable Iran to continue its military activities across the region.

The IRGC, it says, has helped sustain wars in Syria and Yemen as well as bolster anti-Israel militant groups like Hamas operating out of the Gaza Strip where Mr Blinken also took an unexpected approach by supporting ideas for peace negotiations with Palestine alongside Israel that was rejected by the Prime Minister of Israel.

Prime Minister Bennett, an observant Jew for whom travel on the Sabbath is forbidden unless it’s a matter of life and death.

The Prime Minister of Israel flew to Moscow when he heard about Russia’s involvement in Ukraine, something which would have been enough reason not only to refuse but also argue against going there at all.

Just days before an emergency NATO Summit, former Israeli ambassador Michael Oren said that Bennett had spoken with President Putin. “He’s been playing a very important role in trying to end the war. Leaders from other top negotiator countries like France, Germany and Turkey, have spoken with Putin only by phone, according to Michael Oren, former Israeli ambassador to the United States.

Israel, an ally of the United States that failed to negotiate a two-state solution with Palestinians may seem badly placed as a diplomatic powerhouse in efforts against Russia’s invasion into Ukraine. The country has also been criticized for not taking a stronger stance and joining many Western countries.

The unique thing about Israel is that it has assets in all these different places. Russia, Ukraine and the US trust them enough to use for their own benefit, said Ben-Shabbat from Tel Aviv University’s INSS research institute.

The mechanism, which has allowed Israel to attack Iran and its proxies without hurting Russian forces in Syria, is an important example of how the two countries can work together despite their differences.

Undermining international agreements, Russia has seamlessly joined the war in Syria, backing President Bashar al-Assad and his government as they reassert control over much of their country. Their airstrikes hit hospitals, schools and markets killing around half a million people while sending more than 5 millions fleeing to neighboring countries.

Israel has a long history of warmer relations with Russia than many Western nations. The country’s large Russian-speaking population makes up 15% percent or more inhabitants, and this was likely why Putin asked to serve as an interlocutor between him and the international community.

France, Germany and Turkey are part of NATO, and for Putin, “NATO is an enemy,” Magen said.

Ukraine has highlighted Israel’s role in the conflict, with their ambassador to Ukraine referring to it as a “unique” status that allows them mediation. The president himself is Jewish and therefore feels an emotional tie towards his roots in Israel.

Ukraine’s President was not pleased when he heard that Israel had done nothing to help Kyiv during its time of need.

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