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The culture and tradition of India hold rich content for ages. One such category is the clothing and textile niche. India is a country of diverse cultures and climates thus it also varies in kind of fabrics and styles. One such attire is suit or commonly known as Salwar-Kameez or Kurta-pant. This clothing has its origin from Punjab, Sindh, Haryana, and Kashmir with variations in style and fabric used. Such outfits are worn in many parts of India and to ensure the availability of the same, the websites have started trading of women suits online. Such sites come in contact with a number of manufacturers and weavers from almost every corner of the country to provide a wide collection of such suits.

Along with the variety of fabrics and cultures, India also possesses diverse embroidery designs, prints, and handworks. All this gain international demand through online assistance. However, the public also faces various issues while purchasing the same. Some of them are enlisted below.

Kind of fabric– As a result of global competition, the textile industries not only face competition from the local market competitors but also from international players and brands. To attract the attention of customers, the fabrics are assured and shown of fine quality in pictures, but sometimes the piece comes out to be defective or not up to the mark.

Colour mismatch– The delivered product may sometimes be different in colour from the image shown on the website on the basis of which the choice was made.  And the colour tone may also vary which leads to disappointment of the customer.

Design and size- Sometimes the design of the suits is such that it will not suit a particular body size. This problem cannot be detected through online purchase.

Different sizes for different brands– Getting proper size is a difficult task in case of ordering online as the different brands have their own set standards of measurement which may be totally different from the other brands. This causes an issue as the customer will only be satisfied with the cloth after trial.

Delivery expenses– Delivering orders to distant places may sometimes add on extra charges making it an expensive product to buy. Additionally, it may take a long period to deliver the package to such places. And, in some situations the logistics and transportation loopholes may defect the item.

Unsecured payment gateways– Many people face issues with the payment gateways and invoice after checking out for their purchases. The payments are deducted immediately while checking out and the page shuts down temporarily due to some issues causing loss to the public.

Therefore, one must always buy ladies suits online from trusted websites with secured payment gateways. Proper research about the products and their quality should be done before placing an order. Reviews on clothing website or browser are available by the experienced customers which help a lot to know about the item. Further all the conditions, details, and agreement related to the online product order should be read and saved for future purposes.

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