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The minimalistic jewelry trend has been here for quite some time now and is a delightful break for the working women. Most of the married women had to face troubles at the workplace while wearing typical traditional jewelry. This not only made them stand out among the crowd but also made it hard for them to work on a computer. However, the recent trend in jewelry has made it possible to wear jewelry at the workplace without overdoing it. The minimalistic jewelry trend offers a lot of variety in terms of style, design, and size. So, it has amazing options for women of all ages, be it the married women or unmarried women.

If you also want to be a part of this trend and are looking for some brilliant ways to incorporate the minimalistic jewelry in your daily routine, then look no further.
We are going to share ten awesome ways to do so in this discussion. So, read on and find out how to rock your minimalistic jewelry like a lady boss!

1. Miniature Pendants
If you are an avid watcher of international TV series, then you might have noticed actresses wearing small or miniature pendants with a delicate chain. These pendants not only look uber cool but also add a distinctly chic feminine charm. If you are an office-going woman, then they are a perfect style enhancement option and go well with all kinds of outfits. If you are lean and fit, you can pair these pendants with outfits that have low necklines. You can also wear them with formal shirts and collared tops. Check out the latest collection of stylish pendants online at AJIO, which is perfect for casual and official wear. All the articles are available at highly affordable prices, and you can make them more budget-friendly by using the latest offers on AJIO.

2. Tasseled Earrings
Nothing can add more color and more style to your casual dressing like tassels. These colorful threads look amazing in whichever way you wear them. What makes the tasseled earrings even better is their ability to work well with all skin tones. You can wear tasseled earrings with tops, shirts, sleeveless tops, dresses, and ethnics. If you know how to distinguish between the different levels of casual accessorizing, then you can pair them well with your formal work attire as well.

3. Tasseled Necklaces and Pendants
The tassels are reigning in the world of minimalistic jewelry and can be found in jewelry options such as rings, pendants, bangles, earrings, and even accessories like footwear and bags. The tasseled earrings are perfect for routine wear, casual wear, and party wear. They come in amazing mono-color options, multicolor options, and oxidized silver accents. They are also available with chains and thread-ropes instead of chains. You can find fantastic options online on AJIO and make them yours by using offers on AJIO without hurting your pockets.

4. Hoops and Geometrical Shapes
Now is the best time to wear and flaunt hoop earrings. In fact, the current trends of minimalistic jewelry include many other standards and experimental geometrical shapes. Some of the most notable ones are squares, circles, ovals, trapezoid shapes, stars, hearts, and diamond shapes. You can opt for the articles in metallic shades such as sterling silver, steel grey, fiery copper, dazzling gold, and classic antique.


5. Minimalistic Chokers
Minimalistic Chokers are yet another excellent way of including minimalistic jewelry in your stylebook. You can either opt for multi-chain designs with metallic hangings or miniature pendants. You can also find stunning styles in the form of a delicate rose vine coiling around your slender neck. The traditional chokers are ‘oh-so-not-office-worthy’, but you can find many minimalistic choker designs for office wear. From chunky to sleek and delicate to subtle – you can find an ample number of options to choose from.

6. Stacked Bangles
Wearing stacked bangles of which one or two even come with cute metallic hangings is one thing that almost every jewelry-loving woman wants. The stacked bangles not only amplify your style quotient but also make you stand apart among the crowd of jewelry wearing women. You can either opt for delicate chain bracelets that can be easily slid up and down while working. You can also find options in solid gold or solid silver bangles with studded designs. You can wear them to parties, to offices, client meetings, formal outings, and even in routine.


7. Stacked Rings
We bet that you were waiting for this one, right? The ones that have watched the cult TV series such as F.R.I.E.N.D.S. etc. might have gotten inspirations from the looks of Phoebe. She wore an excellent set of quirky and casual stacked rings and knuckle rings. In fact, her beaded necklaces are also a quirk that can be sported without worrying about the latest trends. Well, you can opt for sleek and delicate metal rings with or without hangings, depending on your style and taste. You can also opt for different types of rings in each finger and combining your existing rings with some plain and delicate rings in gold, silver, or platinum.


8. Cuff Bracelets
The bracelets have been making the lives of married working women easier and better for decades now. They are a savior from the constant naggings of mothers, aunts, and mothers-in-law. So, it was expected from the minimalistic trend to offer bracelets as well. Cuff bracelets, chain bracelets, and regular bracelets with experimental shapes and designs that come with or without locks can be an excellent workwear option for modern women. You can find many options for daily wear and formal events as well.

So, dear ladies, choose any one of these minimalistic jewelry ideas and make a style statement every single day.
What do you think of our list? Which of these ideas did you like the most? Please share your answers with us in the comments.

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