Sun. Oct 1st, 2023

We can agree that fakes are assumed to be substandard and will wear out and break easily…but…so far in the vids here on YouTube… determination of authenticity is all just from the cosmetic stand point….limited opinion or comparison on material quality…insole topper and actual rubbersole stitching or gluing…or performance and feel difference during wear (heft, stop, grip and give in different range of foot motion action basketball wise…NIKE is a scientifically designed shoe during the Jordan series were they not?)…if cosmetics is all we are reviewing the authenticity of Js ON… then get ready to get duped more in the future…pirates like politicians learn quickly how to modify from their mistakes…in a bright-side if they pirate these shoes so good…maybe they are just giving us a same performance affordable option…

I have been selling shoes and sneakers for over 10 years, and let me tell you: Sneaker leather quality or fake leather is completly irelevant, sneakers by definition are designed to performed and be thrown away after about 600km, like just about pretty much every sneakers on the market sits on EVA foam which will compress and loose its absortion after about 600km for a Nike shoe. So your back will start getting impacted by that. So unless you have a sneaker outsole made of higher quality material like ECCO that makes polyurethane outsole, then you are just wasting cash and good material on a shoe with a very short lifespane anyways…you can spand a lot of money on walking shoes and boots and dress shoes, but sneakers are simply a waste of your money and waste of great animal hide that could have been used for a product that age better.

Brian Belcher
They?re both overpriced. Back in the 70s and 80s, every pair of Vans could be custom ordered from a variety of colours and patterns and even be mismatched. Every panel could be in a colour of your choosing. The cost? The 2019 equivalent of $55. And back then, they were made by hand in California. Today, Vans can be between $50 and $70 depending on the model, and they?re made by machines in China. The price has gone up as cost of production has gone down. Vans is gypping us.

Same thing happened with Converse. In 1999, a pair of Chucks was $15, for a pair of good athletic shoes built in the US. By 2005 after Nike bought them out, they were $40 and made in China out of significantly thinner canvas and rubber that fell apart if you tried to play any sports in em. Where?d the money go? Right into Nike?s pocket.

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