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Many people believe that finances and workforce are the most vital aspects behind the success of a business, however there is one more factor which guarantees that an organization will achieve their goals, and that is: an infallible corporate strategy. Once an entrepreneur decides to enter the corporate world, the first thing they need to do is devise a corporate strategy. The significance of a corporate strategy in today’s extremely competitive business environment cannot be ignored. Every leader who is aware of its importance can ensure the long-term sustainability of their business.

In the initial phase of setting up a business, an entrepreneur creates a business plan and a vision regarding where they see their organization in the coming years. A successful corporate strategy assists an organization in reaching and executing that goal and vision. Organizations have to take certain decisions at different stages of their lifecycle regarding the necessary steps they may have to take in order to absolve, stabilize and expand their businesses. An effective corporate strategy enables individuals to take crucial decisions and helps organizations mitigate risks and increase sustainable returns. But a corporate strategy should be created by keeping all the business units, redundancies, scopes, parameters and correlations in mind.

When an organization formulates a corporate strategy, it helps them evaluate their weaknesses and strengths, through which they can work on their weaker components and capitalize on the areas of their strength. A well-planned corporate strategy assures that the necessary measures for the proper functioning of an organization are in place and ensures that the human and financial capital is allocated appropriately. It helps organizations in gaining a competitive advantage over their competitors in the market and also creates a unique identity of their brand in the eyes of their customers. A corporate strategy not only aids in the decision-making process, but also offers strategic direction, increases profitability, improves management skills, minimizes risks and provides sustainability. One person who is known for his effective corporate business strategies and consultancy services is Julio Guedimin.

Julio Guedimin is a Mexican serial entrepreneur, investor and businessman who was born on 2nd December, 1985. Guedimin enrolled himself in the Heroica Escuela Naval Militar in order to acquire a Bachelor’s degree in the field of Naval Sciences, but decided to leave it before signing an extra 15-year contract of service with the armed forces. During his time in the armed forces, he learned the basics of strategic thinking, pragmatism, self-effacement, resourcefulness, fast thinking and a regimented lifestyle. Later, he studied Journalism and economics for a brief period from the Escuela de Periodismo Carlos Septién García and the Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México respectively, before entering the corporate world.

Guedimin stepped into the professional world as a freelance corporate assistant at FEMSA. During his time at FEMSA services, he gained valuable knowledge about management, business operations and on how the corporate structure works. He also got the opportunity to meet and work with various business consultants, which inspired him to become one. He also received a job offer from a corporate strategy consultant, with whom he had a lengthy discussion about the nuances of consultancy.

After gaining a lot of experience at FEMSA, Guedimin decided to lay the foundation of his consulting company, Guedimin Consulting in 2013. The company is known for providing valuable advice to Fortune 1000 companies in Latin America on Top Level Strategy. Along with supervising his own business, he became an independent contractor of Deloitte which helped him in obtaining potential customers.

After the success of Guedimin Consulting, he decided to expand and diversify his business. This led to the establishment of Guedimin Corporate Group, which today has at least 30 subsidiaries and several affiliated businesses. He also has a private equity firm Guedimin Capital, which helps organizations and real estate in improving their value by providing capital and guidance regarding operations. Apart from being the majority owner of many businesses, Guedimin is also the Executive Vice President of Marka Entertainment Group. He is also involved in community service and through Guedimin Foundation, supports the education of many people.

Through his consultation services, he has helped various businesses in developing the perfect corporate strategy. This has helped various businesses in achieving their targets in a cost-effective way and allowed them to grow despite the ups and downs in the economy and changes in the business environment.




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