Wed. May 29th, 2024

Just in the next few hours, the front and the best affordable flagship smartphone will be in front of everyone. We are talking oneplus5t features and price in india Just in the next few hours, the best affordable flagship smartphone will be in front of everyone. We are talking about the OnePlus One upcoming smartphone OnePlus 5T The company is going to launch this phone in New York on November 16, which will also be shown live in India too. A lot has been said about the OnePlus smartphone. So far there has been a lot about the features and specifications of the phone. Keeping in mind everything, it can be said that this will be an affordable flagship smartphone.It is the most advanced handset of OnePlus till date, with top hardware and latest Android OS. Users can get the experience of a great phone with the help of this incoming phone. OnePlus 5T smartphone is expected to launch in India at a price lower than Rs 40,000. Also, this cell phone is expected to be available soon. This phone will be available for sale on Amazon India and OnePlus Store on 21st November. The official cell of this phone will start from November 28. Now let’s know what will happen in OnePlus 5T, then tell that this smartphone is expected to be launched with a 6 inch full HD display. This phone will have full HD display which comes with 18: 9 ratio. This phone will have 3450mAh battery. The company will also offer superb fast charging support in this phone. OnePlus 5T smartphone is also powerful in case of CPU, it is said that this phone will come with the Snapdragon 835 processor. It is a multitasking phone that has two variants of 8 GB and 6 GB RAM. The storage will be of 128 GB and 64 GB. OnePlus 5 had changed the meaning of dual camera setup, the OnePlus5 is considered to be a better option in the smart dual camera smartphone. Now the company’s incoming phone is going to take the OnePlus5T photography level upwards. Its camera will be better than the previous flagship phone. It is expected that this device will have an upgraded dual camera setup. Also tell us that this stock will work on Android OS. Keeping in view the features and specifications of the phone so far, it is clear that the users will be eagerly waiting for this phone. Because of this, the smartphone company is going to do live screening of the phone launch in 5 cities of India. The live event of this phone will be shown in PVR. If you prefer the OnePlus device and are affected by this upcoming flagship flagship, then you can book this phone from the launch venue. This will give the users the chance to pick OnePlus5T first. If you are not going to attend the event, then you can buy this phone from November 28.]]>

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