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Merchant solutions are a significant part of any car wash business. While consumers often overlook these services, they do allow for a streamlined customer approach, requiring little forethought on the consumer’s behalf when implemented well. Unfortunately, many small washes still abide by the cash-only model, which severely limits their customer reach. Also, even those businesses that have embraced credit card payments often restrict the types of credit cards accepted. Therefore, to help branch into the new tech-savvy era of payment solutions, a car wash might want to consider upgrading to a POS system, such as the Clover station 2.0, to keep customers happy and coming back.

Payment Variety

A car wash POS system is hugely beneficial to a business owner and the customers because it allows for a variety of payment options, including some mobile forms of payment. Not everyone carries cash on them nowadays, and many budget and credit conscious people are steering clear of inadvertent credit card debt. Therefore, systems that accept debit transactions and mobile payment options are seeing an uptick in consumer retention and sales.


Not every customer knows exactly what they want, which means that many businesses miss the opportunity to upsell willing clients. POS systems can help consumers make up their minds through the offering of suggestions. Also, a reputable system will recommend ways for the customer to save money in the future by suggesting participation in rewards programs. However, beyond the information at the point of sale, these systems can also be set up to send consumers recommendations based on past purchases.

Automatic Reminders

A car wash, while important to vehicle ownership, does not necessarily rate among the top priorities in your client’s day-to-day lives, which is understandable. Consumers have families, jobs, bills and plans that often interfere with what some consider part of responsible vehicle ownership, but that is why consumers will appreciate the integration of a POS system into your business model. These devices and their software track everything. Therefore, if a loyalty program member has been absent for a while, the system can send out an automatic reminder that it is time for a wash. Also, these devices can alert customers to coupons and savings on services they have used in the past.

Self-Pay Terminals

Last, POS systems can integrate with self-pay terminals so that customers receive the same suggestions they do when they come to one of your full-service stations. Also, these terminals will be able to make individualized offers and messages based on a specific customer’s past experiences.

Merchant services are or should be a part of every car wash enterprise, but some washes are stuck in the cash-only model. Are you stuck? Are you losing clients because of payment restrictions? Are your customers experiencing a unique service designed to their needs specifically? POS systems are a gateway to better business and performance. If you are interested in upgrading your business with a POS system, then contact a merchant service provider and discuss how such a device can affect your bottom line and make your customers happy.

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