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Keeping Your Spinal Cord in Good Shape

Millions suffer from back pain. On top of dealing with the pain itself, it can also affect your quality of life, forcing you to miss out on social activities that you enjoy and work. It’ll also stop you from completing simple daily tasks. Lower back pain is now the root cause of work-related conditions. Keeping your spine in good condition will reduce the risks of suffering from chronic neck or back pain.

You can follow these simple steps to improve your spine’s overall condition. It can be as easy as developing better habits to improve how you hold or move when finishing your daily routine or tasks.

  1. Hold Heavy Objects Properly

Lifting or holding heavy objects will only endanger the lower back muscles, resulting in a chronic back injury or muscle strains. If you don’t position your body correctly, you’ll damage your spinal discs or joints when lifting and holding heavy objects. Bedding your knees isn’t the only important tip you should remember.

You have to ensure that your hips are leading you instead of your back when you’re about to lift or carry things. Make sure to put pressure on your abdomen muscles and put your chest forward to protect you from damaging a muscle in your spinal cord that can lead to chronic pain.

  1. Get Massage Therapy

spinal decompression therapy has different benefits. It can work as an excellent alternative to treat specific back injuries or chronic pain. Many also claim that it can help improve and stimulate blood circulation. In addition, it alleviates tense muscles on your spine and increases endorphin levels that can penetrate your spinal cord.

Many also believe that massage therapy is an excellent alternative to treat insomnia.

  1. Use Water Aerobics as Relief

On top of walking in water, working out in a pool will reduce the pain caused by back injuries. Most water aerobic programs will help decrease the pressure placed on your bones to avoid the risks of injuring your spine while in the water. That’s because the water’s buoyancy will provide support for your spinal column.

If you exercise in the water, its viscosity increases the resistance from friction, which lessens the pressure on the spine. You can also use warm water to ease your tensed muscles. Low impact aerobics is one of the most popular water therapy programs you can try out.

If water aerobics isn’t the best treatment routine for your condition, you can also explore chiropractic care. Most chiropractors will use hands-on adjustments to ease your pain.

  1. Develop New Sleeping Habits

Getting enough sleep will also protect your spine. You can design a sleeping strategy or develop new habits that will be helpful for your body. For example, you can use pillows that support your neck’s natural curvy shape. Everyone has different needs, so a pillow that works for you will not work for another. Besides, your sleeping position will affect the pillow you’ll need to get enough sleep.

If you sleep on your side, you’ll need thicker pillows that ensure your neck and head are in the correct position, and that position should be in the center of your shoulders. Your shoulders’ width and height will also affect the pillow you’ll be using. For example, a more petite physique should use a thinner pillow.

  1. Maintain a Healthy Weight

Follow a healthy diet plan to maintain a healthy spine. Eating meals rich in calcium and essential vitamins and nutrients will minimize the dangers of bone or spinal conditions like osteoporosis and osteoarthritis. Maintaining a healthier weight will also reduce the pressure placed on the spine. If you combine your healthy weight with good exercise, you might be able to reduce the chances of a back injury.

  1. Enroll in a Meditation Class

Most studies show that meditation will efficiently ease chronic back pain. Yoga, mindful meditation, and Tai Chi have aided many people suffering from chronic pain. Many also think that stretching and breathing exercises will help keep the spine in good condition, but you should be consistent.

Find a yoga or meditation practice that best fits your daily lifestyle. Each individual has their preferences when it comes to these activities.

  1. Use Heat Therapy for Relief

On top of easing your muscles, heat will improve blood circulation and provide the proper nutrients for your muscles and spine. Heat therapy reduces the pain in the muscles and joints near your spine and relieves you from muscle spasms. Now, you can find different heat therapy products in the market.

You can use a heat wrap or pad that produces low, consistent heat. Other options include warm gel packs, warm baths, or hot water bottles.


If you’re suffering from chronic muscle pain, incorporate these new habits slowly to avoid further damaging your spine. That will enable you to improve your spine’s agility and strength to relieve and prevent chronic neck or back pain.

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