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Top Lucrative Courses For Gen Z that Promise a Bright Futureyoung aisan female using digital tablet

The world has changed drastically in the last decade. Courses and jobs that used to be goals for millennials may not interest Gen Z. This generation also battled the pandemic while being at schools and colleges. They have new opportunities as well as challenges that are totally different from their parents and even their elder siblings. Moreover, Covid transformed education beyond recognition. 

With online classes and changing methods of examinations, students are getting ready for the changing world ahead. Many schools started offering online courses and classes at all levels, and even charter schools have online classes to suit their students’ needs. Universities also started to focus on career building, offering special digital courses to encourage working people to go back to school.

The fourth industrial revolution and increasing pressure on sustainability have brought about newer and interesting job options. Students must be aware of all the lucrative options that they have to make a wise career decision. 

How should students choose courses in the future?

Choosing a career with changing scenarios is not a piece of cake. Before selecting a course, students should consider factors like:  

  • Interest: You should know what makes you happy. It doesn’t have to be specific. You can choose an industry that you might be interested in, for instance, tech, medicine, education, or finance. 
  • Income goal: This one’s difficult as everybody wants to be rich. But you can create an estimate of how much money would keep you content as it helps in the long run. 
  • Budget: Budget is the most important factor while choosing a college. If you don’t have enough resources, you can get an education loan. 

Consider researching the industries that are hiring most people. This will help you understand what’s in demand. At present, health care, technology, logistics and transportation, construction, and real estate have a lot of opportunities.


Top Lucrative Courses 

The development of technology has resulted in several new courses. These courses are gaining popularity day by day. Game design courses, social media courses, web design courses, etc., are the top choices among many students. 

For instance, social media marketing is becoming a key part of every brand. Due to which the need for social media influencers is rising. A lot of money can be earned if you gain appropriate skills regarding the field.

Here are the courses that you can choose from:


  • Gaming courses: Game design courses are a combination of creativity and technicality. If you have a passion and love for games, you can choose a gaming course. You can select to be a game artist, designer, or programmer. In gaming courses, you’ll get to learn the theory, strategy, planning, designing, management, and all the aspects related to games. In the US gaming-related, courses are gaining popularity, and the job rates have grown by 30%. The average salary for a video game designer is around $90,270 per year.


  • App Development courses: Mobile applications have transformed people and companies’ lives, working cultures, and communication systems. It implies that making a career as an app developer is lucrative. In the US, the job growth in this sector is expected to grow by 24% by 2026. People can choose courses like mobile media design, application deployment to enter this field.


  • Social Media Marketing Courses: With the evolution of technology, marketing techniques have also evolved. People for their brand growth prefer marketing on social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, etc. You can choose related courses in this field to attain the skills. You can choose to do a digital marketing course or choose from many online SMM courses. The average earnings for a Social Media Manager in the US are $77,740.


  • Animation and Graphic design courses: This is another thriving course and is expected to grow 8% by 2026. You can choose courses related to multimedia design, graphic design, etc., to excel in this field. The average Animation Designer earnings in the US range between $53,280 and $78,480.


  • Cyber Security courses: You need to gain knowledge regarding cyber threats, IT security to be skilled in this field. You can go for courses in OS administration, risk management, network security, etc. In the US, the average salary for cybersecurity analysts in 2020 was around $103,590


Choosing the right courses is vital for career development. If you choose something high in demand, you safeguard your chances of success in life. Students should look ahead and plan for the coming years in these changing times. The fourth industrial revolution has resulted in the extinction of many jobs. Therefore, education should prepare them for changing times and challenges that come with them. 


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