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Huawei matebook 14 2020

Today we will investigate an AMD invigorate of Huawei’s fundamental PC model that is correct we are investigating the 2020 variant of the huawei mate book 14. Huawei is going max throttle with AMD invigorating their fundamental PC model with the new ryzen 5 4600h CPU the new chip gives the huawei matebook 14 2020 some genuine force permitting it to handle additional burdening applications it can even deal with some light gaming gracefully. Huawei has an essentially settled plan style for its matebook workstations that hasn’t changed with the huawei matebook 14 2020.

Measurements and Weight

You’re still just getting the matebook in the space dim shading way and the matebook still elements smooth lines just as a metal case measurements haven’t changed much from the past cycle. The matebook tipping the scales at around 1.38 kilos and being simply 15.9 millimeters slight. The PC actually feels unimaginably premium to the touch and is all around worked with next to zero wobble on the cover when you open up the showcase that being said you can just open the huawei matebook 14 2020 with two hands in light of the fact that the pivot is somewhat secure and tight so can’t do it with one hand there is almost no marking on the top of the PC so you’ll just see the brand’s name outwardly elegantly done and raised lettering. They even chosen not to put the huawei logo on it.


Presently investigating the ports the left side holds a USB type-c connector which serves as the PC’s charging port we additionally have the 3.5-millimeter earphone jack and HDMI port in the interim the right side holds the two USB-a 3.2 ports it’s somewhat shocking that huawei hasn’t added a second USB type-c port to the undercarriage of the 2020 matebook 14. It implies you will not have the option to utilize the sort c attachment when you’re accusing the matebook fortunately of the quick charging we don’t need to stress over hoarding the attachment.


The presentation is a 14 inch 2160 by 1440 ips board with a 3×2 angle proportion the bezels are a lot skinnier now down to simply 4.9 millimeters it additionally includes a 100 RGB shading range. So, I’m certain any individual who intends to do photograph altering or content creation on this will be extremely cheerful.

Huawei is one of only a handful of exceptional brands beside Microsoft that utilizes a 3×2 viewpoint proportion show for its PCs this improves the PC for efficiency fill in as it gives you more upward land to work with when you’re composing or chipping away at bookkeeping pages it makes watching films somewhat odd as you’ll be seeing dark bars on the base and the top for the greater part of the stuff you burn-through after this load of days media is generally in the 16 by 9 angle proportion in light of the little bezels on the screen while we need to move the webcam of the huawei matebook 14 2020 to the undercarriage pushing on the webcam symbol lifts it and it overlays down perfectly when you needn’t bother with it. The drawback here is that the subsequent point is somewhat unattractive yet you’ll presumably figure out how to live with it the keys on the console are a little greater contrasted with the past emphasis are still illuminated island-style keys no insane splendid lights here except for will assist with usefulness in obscurity huawei has essentially nailed the composing experience on their PCs down to a workmanship and that hasn’t changed with the huawei matebook 14 2020.

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