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Twitter video downloaders

Since 2006, the Twitter social network was officially launched and developed into one of the world’s leading social networks. Home to more than 330 million accounts, one of the super large information sharing places is almost full of information. From large corporations to prestigious news sites in the world, Twitter is a place where anyone can share information, discuss together and follow others.

Recently, one of the important contents of the video content platform has received a lot of attention and has become more and more popular. Unfortunately, Twitter hasn’t developed the functionality to allow you to save videos and download GIFs, you’ll need a Twitter downloader for this. Here are the 5 most famous Twitter downloaders.

What is a Twitter Video Downloader?

Twitter Downloader is a tool to support downloading videos, GIFS from Twitter. It is not Twitter software, just helps to download videos from Twitter, and is usually completely free.

Why you might need a video downloader

Twitter and Twitter shares are constantly updated, is a leading platform used by many celebrities, and unique GIFs. You can save time finding it again or save it to avoid losing posts.

Moreover, you do not always have the Internet to access, so using a download tool to save videos for later viewing is very convenient. Also you can share with friends or someone who doesn’t use Twitter.

What is a good Video downloader?

Easy to use

The download software is a separate 3rd party software, usually just needing to share the URL of the video to be downloaded, copy it to the toolbar and you can use it already. Most downloaders do not require log in or personal information so are extremely safe.


Almost compatible with all browsers from Android, iOS,…

The List 5 Best Twitter Downloader

1. SnapTwitter.Com

Access to the best Twitter Downloader SnapTwitter

One of the simplest methods is to use SnapTwitter – the Twitter video downloader. It’s very simple, just copy the URL from the downloaded video and paste it in the toolbar to download to your computer. SnapTwitter is designed to be extremely simple and easy to use.

2. Twitter Video Downloader

Second, is Twitter Video Downloader is also very good. A website dedicated to downloading and saving Twitter tweets can be videos or GIFs in mp4 format to save to your computer. Extremely simple interface, easy to use.

Very easy to use > Copy URL from Tweet > Copy and paste in toolbar > Video has been magically saved to your computer.

3. SaveTweetVid

One of the most famous video downloaders, the brand name also speaks for their service. Compatible with all browsers and allows downloading in both mp3 and mp4 formats. And they develop a lot of languages, so even people who are not good at English can use it.


An easy to use and follow Twitter downloader. You just need to paste the link of the Tweet video into the toolbar and click download. Next choose the format you want to download, can download MP3 or MP4.

TTDown’s servers are very responsive to help you download Twitter videos as quickly as possible. In addition to being free, and unlimited downloads. The downloader is always up to date and easy to use.

5. SnapX

Download SnapX here

If you are looking for another video downloader that is not web-based then I would like to introduce you to SnapX downloader, a very good choice. Offering a lot of video download features, what I like about SnapX is that it can be downloaded from a lot of social networks from TikTok, Instagram, Facebook to Twitter.

Bring a lot of convenience to users, especially those who love videos on social networks. This application is completely free and has no download limit.

However, the integration of many download platforms can also be difficult to use, but with a smart App design, this is the first choice for phone users, a very smart application.

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