Fri. Jul 19th, 2024

In today’s digital age, everyone wants fast and effective service. Diners are no different – they expect restaurants and cafes to cater to their preferences regarding food, seating, ambience and much more. But ensuring efficiency at all times might be tricky, especially during rush hours. So how does one overcome this challenge?

Enter cloud-based restaurant management systems, the latest concept in restaurant business. We talked to prominent Delhi-based restaurateur Navneet Kalra about using cloud-based solutions for restaurant management, and how it could be the next big thing for the hospitality sector at large. According to him, roping in cloud-based services can greatly help restaurant operators in delivering service.

“Having a quick access to everything from inventory to personnel and payments makes cloud-based restaurant management systems quite useful. You can not only manage the run-time operations, but also add loyalty programs to create a steady customer base. This way, you can make better informed business decisions based on updated data, which is something every restaurant owner strives for,” says the Khan Chacha owner.

He continues, “There are multiple ways in which adopting cloud can enable restaurants to be better at management as well as innovation, which can in turn be translated to customized dining experiences for guests. The data-driven insights that you gain through cloud-based services save you the time and energy that you might spend in otherwise sifting through heaps of information.”

Even though the concept is relatively new, industry leaders are optimistic about its applications in the future. The versatility that cloud offers to restaurant management systems holds the potential to help businesses grow beyond the estimated trajectory. An infrastructure that not only improves efficiency but also keeps the precious data safe can be the next game changer in the global hospitality arena.

“Cloud-based restaurant management systems are bound to change the way we have been conducting business. IT doesn’t matter if your restaurant is present at ten locations or just one, cloud gives you quick access to all the relevant data. This can help you derive actionable insights. You can understand what your guests are loving and what’s not working up to their taste, and then work on improving their experience,” says Navneet Kalra.

He continues, “Hospitality is an industry that thrives on changes and challenges. It is also one of the most competitive sectors to be in. Investing in cloud-based restaurant management solutions can help business owners to stay at the top of their game without much hassle. I believe its every restaurateur’s dream come true.”

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